Blowing away the dust and some weird things about me

Wow! Did you see the dust I just blew off this blog? Just one more day and it would have been exactly one month since I last wrote an entry here.

Well apart from my mommy, wifey and employee duties, my absence has been partly due to my renewed obsession with reading books.

I aim to finish reading at least one book a week and it's really been an enlightening and inspiring experience. The last time I remember reading this much was when I was in highschool. As to what books have sparked this obsession, that will have to be another story, hopefully to be written within this week...hehe...=)

Thank you to everyone who dropped a note, prayed for and wished my baby well. Jamaine has recovered completely and is a bouncing and beautiful baby again. She can do a 360 degree roll on the bed now, that's why I'm keeping a steady eye on her lest she ends up on the floor. It amazes me how she's growing so fast.

We also had her christened last July 7. I think the 777 date will bring her lots of luck. I will post the pics of the event in my next post.

Meanwhile, Kernie and I are planning to take up taekwondo together. We recently discovered that I've got good flexibility, one of the musts if you want to take up the martial art. He says I'm actually more flexible than he is, but he's the one who's got the red belt. We think going to Taekwondo class may be a good way to spend time together and get back in shape.

Before I end this post, I'll finally answer the meme from Atomicgirl, sorry it took so long. Joel, I'll answer yours next.

Some weird things about me (It's supposed to be ten but I came up short)

1. I sleep with my fists closed or with my hands under a pillow. When I was still a naive little girl, someone told me elementals can read your palms when you're asleep so they can enter your dreams and give you a nightmare. Since then, I always slept with closed fists and/or with my hands under a pillow. Though I don't believe that now, I carried the mannerism with me until I grew older.

2. I hate watching horror movies. I tend to remember the icky scenes and get nightmares.

3. I like to find out the ending of a movie or a story/book before watching or reading it.
Some will say this is a spoiler and it takes out the thrill of watching or reading. But I'm a sucker for happy endings, I'm just built that way i guess. When I find out the ending of the movie/book is unhappy, I will not watch/read it. (Imagine my disappointment when I watched the "City of Angels" without finding out the ending first! I ended up loving and hating the movie at the same time.)

4. I like sitting with my legs crossed under me...
even when I'm in the office (sometimes when I'm in a resto with comfy couches). I don't know why but sitting that way is more comfortable for me.

5. I eat dessert first.
Chocolate is like my appetizer.

I tag Carli, A, Kris and Leah.

More posts soon.

Have a Lovely Day everyone!


SexyMom said…
hi, Jayme,
i wonder why my comments in earlier posts do not appear. must have been spammed?

anyway, i am happy that baby J is well and that you and hubby plan to go for taekwando together.

sleeping with fists closed under the pillow is difficult to do.
Angel Jayme said…
Hi Sexy Mom! Checked my comment box and this is the latest one I got from you.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Jamaine is learning to "talk" already. Grabe, surprises everyday.


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