Fighting the Thinking Block

You know that situation when you think so much so you never get anything done?
Some have writer’s block or blogger’s block if you will, because they can’t think about what to write.

I , on the other hand, was thinking so much about a lot of stuff I want to write about that I never got to write anything. (I won’t list them down because they’re bound to be endless)

So I’m calling it the Thinking Block.

This is something you don’t want to get stuck with because it’s a waste of ideas and opportunities. And it’s not just with writing but with other aspects of life as well.

Thinking is a good thing because it spurs on potentially great ideas. But when you just spend all your energy thinking and planning but never start doing something, you’re putting all those ideas to waste and end up accomplishing nothing.

So this morning, I finally got myself to stop thinking and just start writing.

Can you think about one thing you want to do today but you have postponed it for days or weeks or (fill your time frame here )?

I say, “Just do it.”

Note: You can stop reading this entry and just get moving. I’d be so happy for you because you’re on your way to accomplishing greater things. But if you’re still feeling a little lazy or curious about what I have to say, then read on. I’d appreciate that too. A little delay won’t hurt.
“Just do it” has become one of my favorite phrases lately because it motivates you to take action and empowers you to accomplish greater things.

Whether it’s writing that awe-inspiring blog entry, achieving that healthy body, learning to cook that superb meal, or talking to that guy you’ve been wanting to ask out for a date. They all involve one crucial step: just do it.

You can plan all you want, think all you want, prepare all you want. But those won’t amount to anything unless you take action.

It’s funny how sometimes you build your own obstacles when you think about doing something or trying something new. You think “It’s gonna be hard,” “I’m scared,” “I don’t have the time,” or “I have more important things to do.” You come up with a hundred and one reasons not to do it when there’s just one important reason why you should: to make you happy.

Why postpone your own happiness?

Just start taking action. And when you’re already doing it, you’ll see that all those excuses and fears just start fading away. You’ll find out that things get more exciting as you go along and before you know it you’ve done it.

This post is a concrete example. I started with four words and now I’ve written an entire entry.

Accomplishment is a wonderful feeling to carry around everyday.

An accomplishment, no matter how small, moves you to believe that “I CAN.”

And just imagine how a whole world of possibilities open for you when you start believing in yourself.

Are you thinking of accomplishing something that you want today?

Just do it.

And be sure to tell me how it worked for you. I’d be happy to hear about it.


atomicgirl said…
Now that got me thinking... Maybe I will try it out and tell you what happens.

Anyhow, I also tagged you. :)
Angel Jayme said…
Thanks for dropping by Atomicgirl, I feel like I've been gone for so long, akala ko wala nang bibisita sakin. Drama....haha...

ria said…
at bakit namang walang bibisita sayo? :) been wondering how you've been. apparently, you've been doing a lot of thinking. hehe. hope you're doing okay! btw, i'm still waiting for your mailing addy :) take care!
SexyMom said…
and you made it to a post, despite the thinking block and all!
Cesky said…
Well, I just gave you some things to think about. I tagged you! Check it out at my blog. :)
rach said…

I think isa ako sa mga taong may ganyang problema.

I always have these thoughts in my head...before I thought I'd bring a notebook with me para pag may naisip ako, I can just jot it down... up to this moment, hindi ko pa din magawa... kaya my thoughts are everywhere... I feel walang sense of direction.. not unless gawan ko ng paraan... haaay... ayan... para na akong nagblog... naglabas na ng frustration (hihihi)
Angel Jayme said…
To Atomicgirl and Cesky, thanks for the tags, am working on it and will post it soon. :)
Angel Jayme said…
To Atomicgirl and Cesky, thanks for the tags, am working on it and will post it soon. :)

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