Sleeping like a baby

That is actually an idiom for a sound and peaceful sleep.

But when you’ve got a baby in the house, you’ll know that their sleep is not always sound and peaceful.

During Jamaine’s first few days at home, I’d let her sleep in her crib thinking that she’ll benefit from having her own sleeping space.

But I learned soon enough that her crib wasn’t cozy for her. She would often stir in her sleep and she would wake up almost every hour.

One night, following my mom’s advice (reinforced by Sexy Mom’s comment), I let her sleep next to Kernan and me on the bed. For the first time in days, she slept so soundly she almost missed her night time feeding.

Her sleeping space on the bed was only a quarter of her spacious crib but she seemed comfortably cramped. I figured she felt more secure “knowing” we were right next to her.

This wasn’t a problem then because she always slept in one position. But lately, she has been prone to being crushed by mommy.

I guess that means it’s time for us to get a bigger bed.

Sleeping rituals

When I was a kid, I always slept next to my mom because I would get scared when the lights were turned off. I imagined some monster would come out of the dark and get me.

One night, she surrounded my bed with all my dolls and stuffed toys saying they would guard me through the night as I slept. I only lasted a few minutes and ended up creeping next to my mom again.

When I grew older, I had to resort to other ways to help me sleep soundly. Two of my sleeping musts are my dantayan ( a pillow for hugging) and a blanket big enough to cover me from neck to feet. I can sleep on a cushy sofa, on a squeaky papag even on a hard floor as long as I have these two with me.

My mom used to say that we should always pray before we sleep so that we won’t have bad dreams.

For quite some time, I religiously prayed “Angel of God, my guardian dear…” I even prayed the rosary (though I always fell asleep somewhere in the third mystery). But I eventually outgrew saying bedtime prayers. I realized I simply just rambled off these memorized verses without really feeling them.

But through the years, I’ve learned other nightly rituals all of which helped me to sleep soundly.

One great ritual I always try to exercise is ridding my mind of all worries, problems and negative thoughts.

For me, one of the most effective ways to do this is to write in my journal. Sometimes when the thoughts are really bad, I rip out the page, tear it to pieces and throw it away.

Then I try to think of all the little and big things I am thankful for that day. It helps to remind me that whether it’s been a good day or a bad day, every day is a blessing.

Lastly, I make sure I give the “kiss-hug-I love you” combo to my hubby and my baby. I think it’s good to always let your last action for the day be an act of love.

What’s your sleeping ritual?


ria said…
Like you I need a dantayan :) I'm not used to sleeping with one pillow that's why when I'm spending the night at a hotel, where there's usually just one pillow provided per bed, i end up hugging the other end of the lone pillow. That or I bring a stuffed animal. Hehe. I just need to put my arms around something! and since desperate times call for desperate measures, a rolled up blanket would sometimes do. hehe :)
Mike Overall said…
Greeting from Texas!

Long time no see! is that your baby? she's so cute! Don't let them sleep in the same bed too long lol
angelique said…
I can't sleep without a rag doll. :) lagi kong kinukutkot yung buhok nung doll bago ako matulog. siguro, if I have collected all my dolls, it would have reached 30 already.
atomicgirl said…
what sleeping ritual? hehe.

that little angel of yours is so big already. i forgot just how big they can grow after birth.

kisses to your baby. :)
Angel Jayme said…
Ria: Oo nga ano, a rolled blanket may be just as good... i'll keep that in mind when I go out of town again. Sarap nang may dantayan, pero may bago na kong paborito, dantayan ko ang hubby ko..hehe...

Mike: Hi! Thanks for visiting my site again. Yup, that's my little angel. I've been trying to move her back to the crib but that doesn't seem to be working for now. Oh well...

Angelique: Wow, that would have been a valuable collection. Maybe you can start collecting again.

Atomicgirl: I never thought babies could grow this fast! Minsan nga people would ask how old she is, and when I say just a little over a month, they get surprised thinking that she's older. I'm pretty sure she'll tower over me when she grows up.

rach said…
Ang laki na ni Jamaine :)

Parehas tayo Jayme.. I cannot ... cannot sleep without hugging anything... :)

Now, one of my sleeping rituals is to actually cross my leg with Robert.. pag di ko ginawa un.. di ako makakatulog.
sexy mom said…
Baby Jamaine must have felt the warmth and security that only you her mom (and her dad) could give when she slept in your bed with you.

belated happy mother's day, new mom!
Angel Jayme said…
Rach: Ang sweet naman! :)

Sexy Mom: Thanks! I think so too... kaya kahit siksikan kami sa bed ok lang basta mahimbing ang tulog niya.


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