Moving on with love, friends and ice cream

I thought the blues would go away with just one blog entry but it took a little bit longer than I thought.

I tried blogging again but I couldn't write anything. Thoughts bombarded my head but I couldn't put them into words.

I guess I was wrong in isolating myself to deal with my sadness. Whether we admit it or not, most of the time we need other people to help us get back on our feet.

That or you can always resort to taking anti-depressants.

Thankfully, I didn't go that far.

Kernan has been very understanding through my down times. Between the two of us, I am actually the more patient one. But he has shown me a great deal of patience for the past weeks, especially during the times when I am less than lovable.

He's also been working thrice as hard (literally he has three jobs), but he still takes time to take care of Jamaine and relieve me of my "mommy duties."

Truly he is my strength and his love has helped me to move on.

Jamaine has also been my constant sunshine.

She turned 1 month last May 1 and we celebrated with cake and spaghetti. She's becoming more responsive now and she never fails to amuse me. I always grab the chance to sing songs to her and tell her stories whenever she's awake. I can't wait when she grows older so we can sing and read stories together.

Sometimes, Kernan and I could spend hours just watching her sleep. If anything, Jamaine has really brought us closer together.

Another high point in my week was an email I got from new blog friend Ria.

It's amazing how people can reach out to you just when you need them. Ria's email reminded me that I do have a lot of reasons to feel blessed and to be grateful.

I always believe such people are angels sent by God.

Thanks for being an angel, Ria.

Food has also been a useful pick - me - upper.

I'm not really a moody eater but eating certain foods have been comforting to me. Ice cream (chocolate and double dutch) is on top of the list. Aside from keeping me cool in this sweltering heat, it gives me my much needed daily dose of calcium. I've also grown a fascination with Yan-yan biscuits dipped in chocolate and Pasencia wheat drop cookies. (So if you want to send some love my way, you know what to buy from 7-11.)

So I'm moving on slowly but steadily. From now on (hopefully), I'll be writing more inspiring and happier entries.

Life is a heavensent blessing and it is too precious to spend wallowing in regret and self-pity.

I'm looking forward to happier days ahead!


Shari said…
You have a wonderful family. And friends. Glad to know that you're feeling better now. Looking forward to the happier entries. :)
ria said…
What a surprise! Thanks Jayme, you're so sweet :) And you're very very welcome. I do hope the blues will go away completely soon enough. And I also hope you'll post new photos of Jamaine! :D take care!
sexy mom said…
ooopppsss!!! antidepressant? that's a NO NO!
Angel Jayme said…
Shari: Yup, I always try to remind myself of that. From now on, happier entries!

Ria: Slowly but steadily going away. Take care too!

Sexy mom: I know. Thankfully, I didn't need that.


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