Hello Trinoma!

"Gusto mong pumunta ng Trinoma?" A asked me.

"Ano yun?"

"it's the mall across SM North. Maganda raw dun."

I haven't frequented the north area lately so I imagined Trinoma was some mini-mall with your usual fare of boutiques and restaurants. I wondered how the owner could have possibly thought it would stand a chance against the SM North.

"Parang Greenbelt daw yun." A added.

A Greenbelt in the north? Now that I have to see. Apparently, A forgot to mention the keyword in the mall's name that says it all: Ayala. So it's not just Trinoma, it's the Ayala Trinoma.

If you haven't been reading the papers lately (like me), these articles from the Manila Standard and Inquirer may be helpful.

And if you're also wondering where they got the name from, Trinoma means "Triangle North of Manila." So would that make SM a Recnoma as in "Rectangle North of Manila?" (Ang corny ko.)

Anyway, since A and I are rich lazy commuters, we got there via cab, roughly 60 to 70 bucks if you're coming from Kamuning Road. But you can actually get to Trinoma faster and for a fraction of that amount if you take the MRT.

Trinoma wins plus points for accessibility because it has an entrance directly connected to the MRT North Station. (It's not yet open though but I suppose it will be opened pretty soon.) I'm thinking it will definitely be one of the reasons why people will be drawn to Trinoma, especially for those people who hate the hassle of commuting and walking along polluted roads.

I, for one, always find it a hassle to go to SM North, Megamall or Robinson's because I don't like having to walk along EDSA just to get there. With all the smoke and fumes you'll inhale while walking, you might as well die of pollution before you enter the mall. SM Makati could be the next best option but it's too far for a QC girl like me. So when Gateway opened, it easily became a favorite hang out. But now, I'm guessing Trinoma will give Gateway a run for it's money as well.

When we got inside Trinoma, we could readily tell it was constructed just like Glorietta. You won't feel the classy ambience yet since many parts of the mall are sill under construction. The floors are still a bit dirty, there are plywood markers for the boutiques and you'll encounter the occasional fly malling with you. But when you go around, you could almost imagine how sleek it would look like when construction's all done.

Just like Gateway, Trinoma gives you the feeling that you've entered another albeit classy world. Considering it's location, Trinoma is like an oasis in the north desert.

A number of stores were already open: boutiques like Genevieve Gozum, YRYS, Oxygen, Apple and Eve, Karimadon, Bench, and Mango are among those I remember. Of course, the ever reliable fastfoods are ready to serve you: Jollibee, McDonalds (directly across each other) and Chowking. I also remember seeing National Bookstore and Powerbooks already open. Plus,Timezone at the topmost floor.

Trinoma's advantage over Gateway, SM and SM's The Block is it's wide array of high end as well as middle class boutiques that can surely capture the A - C crowd. From the signboards, I could tell Trinoma will also house a slew of new restaurants (read: not fast food) that can make it a center of gastronomic feasts.

The Ayalas also made a smart move by getting Landmark Department Store as one of its tenants. Landmark has some really great quality brands that can be had at the cheapest price. I remember my family would always troop to Makati on weekends even if we lived in Manila just to go to Landmark. My mom says most of her best buys were from Landmark's Department Store.It has a great supermarket too.

But what I love best about Trinoma is the viewdeck and the outdoor park that's very reminiscent of Greenbelt.

Perfect for hanging out when you don't have money or you're not in the mood for malling. I saw signs for 7 water features but only a few are operational.

If only our feet weren't killing us, we would have wanted to explore Trinoma's every nook and cranny. A and I can't stop raving about how Trinoma would be our best hang out yet.

Can't wait for it to be completed. i won't be surprised if we'll be malling almost every day.

Goodbye SM and Gateway.

Hello Trinoma!


sexy mom said…
we were there last friday evening, unfortunately, air conditioning was down, so it was not comfy. we were supposed to watch shrek 3. we had to move to the block afterwards.

i also wrote about it.
Shari said…
Guh-reat. I live about 20 minutes from this place and I haven't even been here. Boo me, boo me. But maybe it's too sosyal for me, I dunno.

And great for us UP students who take the jeep to and from SM to get home and to school. More traffic. Blah.
Angel Jayme said…
Sexy Mom: Actually, medyo mahina pa nga ang AC nila. But I guess they're speeding up construction now, especially since more and more people are becoming aware that there is a Trinoma.

Shari: You should check it out. Di naman siya masyadong sosyal. Medyo lang, I guess because of the high-end boutiques.
julie said…
Angel, the mall is in the north, not south. Its Triangle North of Manila. Sorry about giving you the location/direction. Peace, :)
Angel Jayme said…
Thanks for pointing that out Julie. Got it all mixed up in my head. Corrected na. :)
Anonymous said…
anybody there who can help me how to get to trinoma Mall,Im in the province and planning to go to Manila tomorrow...I will be in a hotel near Taft MRT station..thank...PROMDI
Anonymous said…
pls give direction.thanks again PROMDI
Angel Jayme said…
Hi Promdi, just take the MRT and get off the North EDSA station, which is actually the last station of the MRT. Last I heard, Trinoma's entrance connected to the North station is already open.

Anonymous said…
ariana said…
hey, pano po makaka-punta sa TriNoma if we have a car with us?

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