Get up and get moving!

How many times have you tried to start an exercise regimen but never got around to doing it?

I am guilty of this several times over. I would set a goal and promise myself that I would be lean and mean in time for my birthday...for summer...for our anniversary...for Christmas...for New Year. All these have come and gone but my abs remained flabs.

I was never really fat but I was a little sluggish. I wanted to get fit so that I would have more energy.

But everyday, I would manage to come up with little excuses not to exercise.

My body's alright, I don't need to get fit.
I get bored in the gym.
I don't have money for the gym.
I don't have time.

When I was pregnant, one of the perks I enjoyed was not having to mind about my belly sticking out. That's a baby not flab. I actually felt sexier when I was pregnant.

But now that I'm into my second post partum month, some people still mistake me for a pregnant woman. There's nothing more annoying than somebody asking, "How many months?" when you've just given birth. It makes me want to put a sign on my belly saying "Just got a baby."

Even my hubby who loves me dearly asked me, "Are you exercising yet?" Of course, we both know the answer to that.

Inside my head, Ms. Excuses said, "But you're tired. You're busy with the baby. Why bother to exercise?"

I was tempted to agree.

But when I looked in the mirror, I knew I had to kill Ms. Excuses and start doing something.

And I'm doing it not for other people, not for my hubby, but for me.

I'm doing it not to be sexy but to be healthy.

So now I finally did it.

I started doing Pilates again this morning.

And though I haven't gotten the abs in 30 minutes, I feel great.

5 Ways to start exercising

So how do you quash those excuses swimming in your head and motivate yourself to get moving?

1. Be honest to yourself. Admit that you need to get fit and healthy. Remember that the quality of your life also depends on the state of your health. Before you can start taking good care of other people, you have to take better care of yourself.

2. Make it an "excitecise." Choose an exercise that's fun for you. Whether it's exercising in the gym, taking up boxing, playing badminton or learning taekwondo. Choose one that excites you so that you'll be motivated to do it everyday. When you get bored or if you feel you're no longer challenged, choose another.

3. Explore your options. If you don't have the money to shell out for membership fees, there are a lot of other ways to get fit without breaking the bank. Since I can't afford going to a Pilates class on a monthly basis, I bought a Pilates exercise CD and do it at home. Go to any record store and you'll find that they have a decent number of exercise videos on sale, you just have to take your pick. But If doing it at home makes you feel lazy, then go outdoors and go speed-walking, biking or jogging.

4. Make time for exercise. I find that doing it in the morning works wonders for me the whole day. Here's a useful tip to help motivate you: Get something that will remind you to exercise like your rubber shoes or any other exercise gear, and place it strategically so that it will be the first thing you see in the morning. In that way, exercise will be one of the first things on your mind when you wake up. But if you absolutely can't do it in the morning, then do it whenever you're free. Start with 15 or 30 minutes of exercise. Time flies pretty fast once you start moving, you'll be done before you know it.

5. Just do it. Do yourself a favor and just start.

Finally, the most important thing is, get fit for the right reasons. Don't do it for other people because you'll only set yourself up for failure and disappointment. Don't do it because you want to be sexy like (insert celebrity's name here). Your body is unique so it will never be like somebody else's.

Define your own sexy and be proud of your healthy body.


Shari said…
Ohhhkay. Thank you. Haha. I have to get up and get moving myself. I've done 1 & 3. I only need the motivation for the rest, especially number 5. I suck.
atomicgirl said…
you know, i also had been thinking about getting some of the flabs off when i gave birth. i had tons of stuff planned out from exercising to dieting to pills and all that. but here i am. seemingly still (too) large. and my baby's turning two soon! *sob*
ria said…
i love this. you have a lifestyle article right here. :) again, you struck a chord. ow! hehe. like you i've been trying to diet/exercise to no avail. I get to do it for a while but after some time, poof! it disappears into oblivion. Of course, these days when getting 4 hours of sleep has become a routine, it has become even harder. moral support na lang muna ako sayo. Go Jayme! :P
Angel Jayme said…
Shari: Haha...Okay lang yun, you're young and your body is still forgiving. I, on the other hand, am growing old and my body's become a bit of a slowpoke when it comes to slimming down.

Atomicgirl: Haay....I wanted to try the pills too dahil sobrang pumayat ako dun dati, kaya lang I'm breastfeeding now kaya di puwede.

Ria: Alam mo ba, isa dati sa mga pangarap ko maging lifestyle writer. I never really had the heart for news. For awhile, akala ko nga "nakalimutan" ko na kung pano magsulat. Salamat sa moral support!

SexyMom said…
the most difficult part is taking off. we would always delay. but once you started, you will see that it is easier, esp when you see the results. good luck!
Anonymous said…
I think that's everybody's dilemma at some stage...

Tama ka Jayme... kelangan ang motivation eh para sa sarili mo at para hindi sa ibang tao...

Ako din... I am having a hard time to lose weight (ang bilis kasi makagain ng weight dito)... I don't want to use any diet pills meron kasi akong cousin who did not have a good turnout from using diet pills... natural way ang ginagawa ko which is magwalking para pagpawisan... :)

Nene said…
Talaga, what pills did u take? I'm quite desperate. I gained 55lbs during pregnancy and after giving birth 10 months ago, I am still 25lbs over my ideal weight! I enrolled in a gym 2 months ago and I only shed 4lbs! Grabe ang hirap. The pills might help :D

By the way, been reading ur blog for quite sometime now. Good stuff :D
angelique said…
ate jayme, out of topic ito pero naging prof mo ba si Sir Esguerra? :)
Angel Jayme said…
yes angelique. i think it was in our feature's writing class. :)

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