Confessions of a not-so-good cook

I have a confession to make: I am not a good cook.

I can't say I'm bad, but I know I'm not that good at it.

I can cook rice (using a rice cooker), I can do your basic sauteing and frying. But when it comes to the real dishes, I'm lost.

Kernan knew my lack of culinary abilities long before we married, and he was fine with it. After all, whatever I lacked in cooking, I more than made up for in dishwashing. So when we started living together, he automatically became the cook, I the dishwasher. A perfect fit really.

But as his wife, somehow it doesn't feel right that I don't know how to cook. I decided it's time to learn how.

Kernan had these fancy cookbooks at home but they seemed too complicated for a beginner like me.

Yesterday, I surfed the net for recipes I could try. I had three requirements: it had to be simple, quick and easy.

I remember how my mom used to watch Del Monte Kitchenomics on TV so I googled their recipes. Good thing they now have a great website with recipes that matched my three requirements. Plus, all the ingredients were locally available and easy to procure.

And for my first experiment trial, I chose the recipe for Corny Beef.

The verdict: perfect.... just kidding! I'd have to be gifted if I got it perfectly the first time.

Being the sweetheart that he is, Kernan finished his plate clean. He said it was a bit too sweet for his taste but it was alright.

I'd say not bad for a first try. Lesson learned: lay off the sugar.

Anyway, I found other great sites for recipes from Nestle, Purefoods and Century Tuna. Can't wait to try all the other dishes.

Maybe when I become good at cooking, I can make recipes of my own too. Til then, it's these two - step recipes for me.

Care to share your easy and tasty recipes?


rach said…
Alam mo ba na dyan din ako kumukuha ng recipes ko?! sinuswerte nga ako kasi laging masarap (pero alam mo naman guys will not really accept the fact na mas magaling tayong magluto sa kanila hehehe)...

Meron din pla ang Nestle at Century Tuna... at least meron na akong ibang website na pupuntahan :)

Nga pla... congratulations (on your cooking!)
Shari said…
Haha, I wish you luck on developing your target talent, hehe.

I wish I didn't know how to cook. Blah.
Angel Jayme said…
Rach: Now if only I knew how to market. Nakakahiya man pero hindi ako marunong mamalengke....he..he! Ang mahal kasi ng ingredients sa grocery.

Shari: Thanks. At least, when you marry, your cooking skills already become a valuable asset. You'll save your husband from a diet of canned goods!

E Akino said…
Good luck to your experiment/trial to new dishes. Hope to taste some of your wonderful cookings. :)

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