Heavensent Blessing Part 2: The first meeting

My second day at the hospital was doubly painful.

One, whatever numbing effect the anesthesia had on me from the previous day had completely worn off. I was feeling the full force of postpartum pain and exhaustion.

Two, Jamaine’s pediatrician told me that she would be held under observation for 48 hours to see if she was infected by my UTI. If she was, then we’d have to leave her behind.

So far, all I’ve seen of Jamaine were the pictures Kernie took of her from the nursery. He said she was always asleep with her head turned to one side.

If ever I wanted to see her then I’ll have to go to her myself. I mustered enough energy to get up from the bed so I could be wheeled up to the nursery. I felt like I was in slow motion since every little movement meant pain.

But seeing my baby for the first time made every ounce of pain worth it.

She looked so serene

I wished I could pull the hours ‘til that moment when we’ll be going home.

That night, I was sleepless with anxiety and anticipation.

I feel as though the reality of motherhood had not yet sunk in.

I was excited yet scared to hold her because I knew when that moment arrives, I’d really start being a mother.


The next day brought good news.

Jamaine’s test results were in and it indicated no infection.

We could go home by the afternoon.

I went back up to the nursery to pay her another visit.

She was still asleep but I think I saw a faint smile on her lips. Maybe she knew we would be together soon.

For a brief moment, she opened her eyes as if to say “Mommy, I’m so excited to go home!”

In the afternoon, Jamaine was finally brought to my room. Seeing her up close for the first time was a priceless moment.

What made it even more special was Jamaine had her first visitor: Ninang A!

I was filled with so much love for her.

When she looked into my eyes, I knew my life has changed forever.

Up next: The first day at home


sexy mom said…
oh dear, a blessing indeed! you know what i did just to be able to hold my baby in my hands (hospitals used to be so strict), i would tell them that i wanted to breastfeed my baby. then i would have my baby as much as i wanted. and i would have the highest highs in my life.

and each child, #1. #2...#7 - it was still the same feeling, i would almost cry the first time i have them in my arms.

God bless you--a whole family now!
aRraH said…
aww.. she's lovely! congratz Jayme! :)
atomicgirl said…
yey! that baby girl sure is chubby! how much did she weigh?
Shari said…
First of all, congratulations! And welcome to the "new addition" to your family. :D Your baby looks so sweet. April 1, hehe, that ought to make some people think twice when she says its her birthday. ;) Glad to know that she's not infected with the UTI. Have fun, and congratulations once again!

PS: I get kilig reading the entries I've missed. I'm really excited for you. I love babies haha ;)
Angel Jayme said…
Hi Sexymom! Yup, I feel like we're officially one happy family now. I probably should have thought of making that kind of arrangement beforehand. I'll keep that in mind when we have our second child. =)

Thanks Arrah!

Hey Atomicgirl! She weighed 6.14 pounds and measured 51 cms!

Thanks Shari! That actually crossed my mind the moment I realized she was born on April Fool's Day. I was really thankful too that Jamaine wasn't infected. She's doing well and is very healthy. When do you plan to have your own baby? Hehe... =)
atomicgirl said…
shari having her own baby? yahoo!

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