The waiting is finally over

After nine months, the long wait has finally come to an end.

I’d like to say, “Welcome Liana Jamaine!”

But it would still be a bit too early for that. Apparently, my beautiful daughter still doesn’t want to let go. At least not today.

But I will.

I’ve decided to quit being impatient and just let go.

The more I waited and counted the hours and the days passing by, the more I got frustrated, even a bit depressed, that Jamaine has not arrived yet.

So I’m just going to take it one moment at a time and just enjoy the experience of still having her inside me and of having alone time with my hubby.

And when Jamaine does come, the feeling will not be of relief because my burden has ended. I will feel so grateful for such a sweet and wonderful blessing.

In the same way that not waiting for this has made it such a great surprise when it finally arrived.

Thanks to Joey Alarilla and the team behind Inquirer Blog Addicts. Really cheered me up after yesterday's disappointment.

Moments with Kernie

The other day, when we got back from the hospital, Kernie suddenly sang "Ikaw ang Miss Universe ng buhay ko...ilang beses ko ba naman sasabihin sayo..."

We slow danced right there in the middle of the kitchen to those two lines that he kept singing over and over.

This morning, while watching the prom scene from Smallville Season 4, Kernie and I slow danced in the middle of the bedroom along with Lana and Clark as Lifehouse crooned...

"Cause it's you and me,
and all other people with nothing to do,
nothing to prove.
And it's you and me,
and all other people.
And I don't know why,
I can't keep my eyes off of you...

The song has been our LSS the whole day.

I'd say one of the secrets to a happy marriage that I learned so far: slowdance whenever, wherever you feel like it. May look silly and corny, but it keeps you crazy in love with each other.


atomicgirl said…
aww.... you are so lucky.
sexy mom said…
is the waiting finally over? how is baby Jamaine? and how are you? i am sure you are now in cloud 9, and you should have already forgotten the pains and all!!! congratulations to you and your husband dear.
Anonymous said…
wag kalimutan magpost ng pics! :)

- rach

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