The things you learn when you really listen

Last Sunday, we celebrated Daddy Jun’s 60th birthday with a simple party at Los Baños, Laguna.

Jamaine must have heard her lolo’s birthday wish not to come out yet so we can make it to the party. We were expecting that Jamaine will show signs of her arrival by Sunday but she was snugly behaving inside my belly the whole time.

I guess after “Happy Birthday!”, “You’re giving birth soon!” was the most popular statement of the day. And we all know how much I wish that “soon” would be “now.”

I usually enjoy parties but I was feeling extremely exhausted so I spent most of the day sleeping in the resort’s bedroom. Actually, it was more of trying to sleep because the bed and pillows were hard as rocks. I guess the resort owner just constructed the rooms as an afterthought and didn’t think anyone would actually sleep in them.

The rest of the time, I fulfilled my duties as loving wife and mingled with the relatives. It wasn’t so bad if only my memory was sharp enough to remember all their names. I tried forming an image of my hubby’s family tree in my mind to remember who everybody was but all I could form was a stump.

It’s funny though how the party became a “bull session” of sorts. Because when Daddy’s brothers were asked to give birthday messages, some delivered litanies of self – praises and confessions of long-held grudges.

It reminded me of elementary and high school recollections when we would be asked to confess our hidden hurts and reconcile with each other. It just looked weird that old people would still be doing that.

You would think that when you learned the value of “burying the hatchet” and forgiveness in second grade, you’ll remember it forever. But I guess some lessons are harder to live by than others.

The good thing is the speeches paved the way for reconciliation among all of them. I hope that newfound peace lasts.

As one of them said, “Halaman lang ang dapat itanim, hindi ang galit.

I wondered, when we grow old, would we be like this too? I certainly hope not.

I’d rather imagine a reunion 40 years from now listening to R&B music (which will probably be old by then), watching hundreds of slideshows of old photographs and reminiscing happy moments we’ve spent as a family.

But I know those “happy moments” need to be made now and gathered over the years. It’s something that we need to make time for amid our harried and busy lives.

I remember someone once said, invest your time and money not in buying material things but in making unforgettable experiences and happy memories. Because in the end, anything material may disintegrate and lose value. But experiences and memories will always be priceless.

Mommy Lilian hit it right on the spot when she mentioned that her only regret was prioritizing work and business over family gatherings and parties. Now that she has grown older, she realized that spending time with loved ones was more important than making lots of money. Thankfully, there is still time to make up for it now.

At some point, the speeches got so lengthy, even repetitive, I was inclined to think going back to the room and trying to sleep on the rock hard bed wasn’t so bad at all.

But Daddy Jun saved the day with a quick punch line that was probably the most important lesson my Kernie should learn I learned:

Sa 33 taong pagsasama naming mag-asawa, mahalaga na maging miyembro ng RAM. Para matiwasay ang inyong pagsasama, pag sinabi ng inyong asawa na ‘Matulog ka na,’ huwag ka nang lumabas, sabihin mo na langRight Away Mam.’ Kaya sumali na kayo sa RAM.

Yesterday morning, I joked Kernie that he should follow Daddy’s footsteps and join RAM. He claims that he has been a member of that organization a long time ago.

He has his own version though.

When I requested him to make breakfast (I repeat, requested), he immediately responded, “Right Away Mahal!”


atomicgirl said…
haha. astig naman yun. RAM.
Shari said…
I know I sound repetitive, but just a few more days! :D I'm the one excited for Jamaine's angelic wails! :D

I easily forget, but then, when I'm sad, I seem to remember some things that make me more depressed. Pero hindi ako nagtatanim ng sama ng loob. Life's much too short for that. :D

Si Pichay ang ibaon sa lupa! :p

RAM. How clever of Daddy Jun, and how sweet of Kernie. :)
Diana said…
Hi Jayme! Since you haven't been blogging for a couple days I'm guessing the big day might have come..? If so I'd like to wish you all the very best!!! Diana
Angel Jayme said…
Atomicgirl: Korek! And he better stay a member or else...Hehe...kidding.

Shari: Haha...hindi lang siya, ibaon sa lupa ang lahat ng corrupt at trapo!

Diana: Thanks! I wished it was THE big day, but it seems my baby's still enjoying her time inside her little home. Just a few more days...


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