Swollen fingers and why I'd rather be naked

My fingers are swollen.

They are so swollen that I can't get my ring off so I'll probably sleep with it tonight. Not that I can actually sleep. My back aches are attacking again with a vengeance, that's why I'm still up at past 1 am.

Swollen fingers and back aches are just some of the things that make me wish Jamaine would come out now.

Kernan asked me awhile ago if I wanted to take a leave already.

I resolved to myself I'll work until I'm about to deliver. I even imagined a scenario in my head of Kernan carrying me from our 2nd floor cubicle, down two flights of stairs, into the parking lot and driving me to the hospital all in a record time of 10 minutes. Or maybe 15.

But I said that a month ago. Now I'm seriously considering staying at home after Sunday.

When you're almost nine months pregnant plagued by constant back aches, nothing is more tempting than just staying at home, eating anything you want and lounging around in your pajamas the whole day.

Actually, lounging around the house naked would be more like it.

I feel like every inch of clothing is adding up to the weight of my belly. So when I take my clothes off, it's like absolute freedom. But since I can't really be naked all the time, changing into my hubby's oversized t-shirts is the next best thing.

Still, I'm thinking that although my ninth month officially starts on Sunday, my delivery date might still be weeks away. It might be good for me to still have some form of "exercise" while waiting.

Besides, I'm still lucky I haven't had any major complications that would require being bedridden. And my OB has given me the green light to work for as long as I can.

But I've gotta stay close to home after Sunday just in case I need to go to the hospital, so no gimiks outside of the Timog - Cubao area and definitely no out of town trips.

Oh well, we'll see how far I can go. I've made it through eight months, I'm sure I can make it through just a couple of weeks more.

Just hope my water bag doesn't break in the office.


atomicgirl said…
maybe you'd better start staying at home now. i guess i've just been told that the first baby sometimes comes too early. mine came 2 1/2 weeks early we weren't even expecting him that time yet!
Angel Jayme said…
Oo nga eh, I'm seriously considering it. Though kaya ko pa naman. Plus, my hospital is just 10 minutes away from my workplace kaya just in case abutan ako sa office, madali lang akong pumunta ng hospital. Anyway, I'll gauge after Sunday. Hay...konti na lang.


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