Smart Internet @ P10 / 30 minutes!

I've been a loyal Globe subscriber for 9 years. But this nifty tip I got about being able to connect to the internet using a Smart SIM and a 3G Phone is really tempting me to make the switch.

Kernan and I don't have internet at home so we bought a Smart SIM and tried it for ourselves. And it works!

The speed is not so bad reaching up to 460 kbps. It's pretty convenient since we no longer need to go to the office or the nearby internet cafe (which charges P40/hour!) just to send and check mail. And also to access Friendster, Youtube and other sites blocked in the office.

It's also useful especially when you're on the go, you badly need the internet and there's no wifi available.

Plus, it's prepaid so you don't have to deal with the hassle of internet and phone bills. (Am I starting to sound like an informercial?)

The set-up is pretty simple too. All you need are:

1. Smart Buddy SIM (loaded with at least a P100)
2. 3G Phone
3. PC or laptop
4. USB cable

Here's how you do it using a NOKIA phone and a LAPTOP:
1. Make sure you have Smart's GPRS settings saved on your phone. If you don't have it yet you can request it by sending "SET (your phone's model)" to 211.
For example:
GO N70
Send to: 211

2. When you receive the settings, follow the prompts and save it as your phone's default settings.

3. Before you connect your phone to your laptop, make sure that:
- your phone's PC Suite is correctly installed in your laptop
- your phone is in DUAL MODE and you have a 3G signal

4. When you've double-checked your PC Suite and 3G signal, connect your phone to your Laptop using your phone's USB cable. The PC Suite should start up automatically.

5. Click "Connect to the Internet" on the menu. This prompts another dialogue box showing the status of the connection. You should see the following processes:
"Opening port"
"Verifying username and password"

If it doesn't connect, click the "Settings" button and check if you're connected to the right USB port and the network is set to "SMART PHILIPPINES."

6. Start surfing!

We haven't tried this yet with a PC or a Sony Ericsson phone or any other brand of 3G phone. So I can't assure that this will work for all phone types.

You can also check out the instructions from Smart Buddy's website.

We've been using Smart Internet for two months and our average usage is P600 per month which is not bad at all.

The only disadvantage is I have to transfer my Globe SIM to another phone so I can place the Smart SIM in my N70 every time I need to access the internet. So my N70's back casing has become a bit loose and I'm thinking that the constant transferring might damage the two SIMS.

So either I buy another 3G phone or switch to Smart altogether. Of course, the latter is more practical but I'm not ready to make the switch yet. I'll have to wait and see if Smart comes up with another feature or promo that will definitely kick Globe's ass and earn my loyalty.


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