Pretty preggy

Jamaine has been squirming and kicking in my tummy the whole day. And I’ve felt my belly harden several times.

I think my body is practicing in preparation for my upcoming delivery and it’s drawing nearer and nearer.

I went to my OB last weekend and she said that I should expect to give birth anytime after March 18. She wants me to come back on Tuesday for another check-up so she can teach me about labor and delivery.

Kernie tells me I’m his one and only sexy preggy but I’m still feeling so bloated. I’m doing more waddling and less walking these days. And I feel like I’m gonna topple any moment.

It’s such a good thing I’ve still been spared of the several plagues of pregnancy, especially the skin breakouts.

So I guess I could say I still feel a little bit pretty.

I remember when I had breakouts on my nose and cheeks during my first few months, I almost freaked out.

It was like pimply college years over again – a phase I’ve dreaded and suffered.

Vain little girl

I absolutely hated my oily skin then so I became such a vain little girl trying every product that promised to give me that perfectly flawless skin.

I adored the girls in the commercials because they were always so pretty and well, perfect. I would badger my mom to buy me those facial foams, scrubs and toners believing they’ll make me look like one of those girls.

Of course, my mom warned me every time that product overload would just make my pores larger and make my oiliness worse than it already is.

Of course, I didn’t listen to her and declared myself an expert on my own skin.

Until one morning, I looked at the mirror and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Instead of seeing a pretty girl with perfectly flawless skin, I saw a red-faced monster who looked like “a pimple that grew a face.”

People who saw me would say “What happened to your face?!” Some simply stared.

I was so devastated.

And since it was all my fault, I couldn’t ask my mom to take me to the derma because that would mean spending a lot of money again.

At night, I would secretly cry and pray that it was all just a bad dream and that when I wake up the next day, everything will go away. I wished so hard to have my oily face back realizing oily was way better than pimply.

One of my titas took pity on me and gave me Squalene, a soap she had been using for her breakouts. She told me to throw away all the products I bought and just wash my face with this soap and water twice a day.

It took months for me to reverse the damage I caused to my skin. But I learned my lesson well: simple skincare works.

The fool-proof beauty routine

Since then, I’ve pretty much stuck to my facial soap and basic skincare regimen. Though, over the years, I’ve carefully added a few more stuff to combat sun damage, lines and aging. I still try to keep my product usage to a minimum despite the tempting ads of various new products in the market claiming beauty breakthroughs.

My efforts have been paying off so far since my skin has survived the onslaught of pregnancy hormones.

Some even say I look blooming.

But I believe there’s something more behind that glow.

The most fool-proof beauty routine for me is being happy and content with myself and my life. I still have flaws, lots of them actually, but I love myself just the way I am. I have a loving husband, a beautiful baby on the way, two sets of caring families, loyal friends, a lovely job….I have everything I need and want. I wake up everyday, grateful for the life God has blessed me with.

And I think, more than any beauty product, it’s real contentment and happiness that lets the inner glow shine through and gives you that priceless, age-defying beauty that will last you a lifetime.


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