Nesting instincts on a Saturday

I spent the whole day cleaning the bedroom.

It’s amazing how despite another bout of back aches last night, I had the energy to get everything In order, pack Jamaine’s baby bag and my labor bag too.

My pregnancy advisor Heidi says, it could be a case of “nesting instinct” which is common for moms in the last trimester.

I wanted to clean the kitchen too, but I figured with the rate I’m moving it’ll take another whole day for me to accomplish that.

So I just swept the whole room, wiped the dust off the windows and cabinets, and filed all our important documents.

The difficult part though was getting rid of the clutter: the little trinkets and what-nots accumulated over 5 months of living together plus more than three years of Kernan living as a bachelor.

So I just followed one criteria in classifying and throwing away clutter: if it’s something you’re not gonna use now or within the next two months, better throw it away.

I threw away old make-up brushes, travel kits I haven’t used in years, old scripts I’ve written, some really old CDs and a broken Playstation. I accumulated a total of three huge bags of trash.

The bedroom suddenly felt so light and clean as if it had been purged. Plus, I now know where everything is. The only challenge is how to maintain this newfound sense of order.

Kernan arrived home after his shoot at around 8 pm with a surprise pasalubong: an Oreo ice cream cake from Friday’s.

I consider it my reward for a hard day’s work.

Somehow, after eating the cake I got another energy rush so I buckled down to accomplish my most important task for the day: packing Jamaine’s baby bag.

Following the list on my baby book, these are the essentials I packed for the big day:

1. A roomy bag.

The baby bag I bought from Baby Couture does not only have enough room and pockets for baby stuff...

... it also has a matching changing mat.

2. Tie – side tops. I packed 3 sleeved and 3 sleeveless tops just to be sure.

3. Booties and mittens

4. Disposable diapers, cloth diapers and diaper clips

5. Abdominal binders

6. Towelettes

7. Receiving blanket

And it all fits!

For my labor bag, I packed:
1. Important documents (Philhealth, SSS, Authenticated marriage and birth certificate)
2. Loose clothes and underwear
3. Bathrobe
4. Towel and towelettes
5. Toiletries
6. Maternity pads

Kernan and I already placed both bags in the car so we’ll have it with us all the time. We’re packed and ready to go!


Diana said…
Wow! You are so organized!! That is one lucky baby girl:)

Angel Jayme said…
Hi Diana! I guess the cleaning bug bit me harder this time. I know it's quite impossible but I just can't imagine even one speck of dust touching my baby. Hay, wish ko lang I have the energy to keep this up everyday.


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