Nesting instincts on a Saturday 2

Only this time, it’s not me.

My Kernie suddenly had the urge to set up Jamaine’s crib this morning.

The moment he woke up, he started keeping some of our stuff in the cabinets and clearing out the bedroom to make space for it.

It was cute to see him so focused with setting up the hooks and bars, smoothing out the bassinet and attaching the crib accessories. He remembered and followed the salesman’s set-up demo to a T.

Of course, I did the easiest part and arranged the comforter and pillows in the bassinet.

Now the crib stands as the star of the bedroom.

I absolutely love it because It’s the perfect combination of cute and functional

I know you can’t tell from this picture but Jamaine must have sensed our excitement because she was moving around my belly the whole time we were setting up her crib.

We’re the happiest and most excited parents in the world!


atomicgirl said…
yey! congrats to you two!
Lynda said…
wow, super-duper-mega excited na ang couple, yihi! this week na lalabas si jamaine?

ingats ever!!!
Shari said…
I guess I can really tell that both of you are excited! Yey! Only a few more days......... *waits in anticipation*
keysi said…
yay! me wants kids too~ :D congrats. just hoppin~
Angel Jayme said…
Atomicgirl: Thanks! I can't wait!

Lynda: Hay....sana nga this week na.

Shari: Yup, super excited talaga. I can already imagine her looking so pretty in her cute crib. Sigh...

Keysi: Thanks for dropping by! Balik ka uli, I'll post pics of Jamaine when she arrives.

sexy mom said…
you really look the true excited expectant parents. the crib looks mighty cute, though i'm sure Baby Jamaine would spend most of her waking hours next to you, dear Mom, rather than in the crib. all of my 7 babies slept with me in the evening. if i am not in the bed, the baby would use the crib--safer, of course, than being alone on the bed.
Angel Jayme said…
Hi Sexy Mom! Yes I can imagine I'll have a hard time putting her down because I would want to just cradle her in my arms all day. I just have this stupid fear that I might crush her if and when we sleep together in the bed so I'm considering just placing the crib so close to my side of the bed so she'll be within reach. :)

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