My insomnia solution

For the past weeks, I've been dealing with pregnancy-induced insomnia. Blame it on the hormones, back aches and Jamaine kicking and squirming in my tummy.

So instead of tossing and turning in bed, I've resorted to net-surfing and blog-hopping until my eyes grow weary. And these are some of the sites that have been keeping me company through these long, sleepless nights.

Inquirer Blog Addicts
I often visit the Blog Addicts section at, now, to see fellow Pinoy bloggers. It's great that they finally transformed it into a site, providing a venue to unite a growing number of Pinoy blog addicts.

Though Blog Addicts started just this month, it already has a number of interesting entries. Plus, it's constantly updated so you're sure to catch something new everyday.

Posts cover a variety of interests such as features on fellow blog addicts, blog tips, news and current events. The site's pretty well-rounded so it's fast becoming a favorite.

Unlike Kernan, I'm not an avid fan of newspapers and news programs. It's not that I don't care about what's happening around me, I just choose to stir clear of anything that might depress or annoy me at this point.
But to keep up with my ever-updated hubby, I make sure I visit these two sites to get my daily news fix.
Somehow they make the news palatable to me since I can just glance at the headlines and choose to click which item I want to read.

Kudos to the team because the official site of GMA News and Public Affairs was named Best Site in Media by the Philippine Web Awards.

What's interesting is, the site also has it's own Blog Network featuring blogs by Howie Severino (one of my personal favorites), Malou Mangahas, Chay Hofilena, Arnold Clavio and Chino Trinidad.
Except for Howie's Sidetrip, most of the blogs are not updated regularly but they are still very interesting reads.

Bags. Shoes. Fashion. Make-up. Skin Care. Everything girly. I am a self-confessed kikay so this site is a treat for me.
Kikay Exchange has been around since August 2006 but I've only come across the site last month. The posts are categorized so it's easy to check out past entries.

Among the useful tips I picked up were about the chic Baby Couture bags (which I already bought) and the RedVanilla laptop bags (which I will buy very soon).

Mom Exchange

It's a blog written by moms for moms.

And since I'm a soon to be mom myself, I find it comforting to read about other moms' thoughts about parenthood (something I know absolutely nothing about) and married life (something I'm trying to learn more about.)

According to the site's "About" page:
"ShopCrazy is the Philippines’ first shopping weblog. It is a sister site of Female Network and Candy Mag, and is supported by Cosmopolitan, Preview, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, OK!, Real Living, and T3 magazine."

Shopcrazy's web editor is stylist and make-up artist Cherry Pacheco - Uy, the "manic shopper."

I check the site often for the latest sale alerts and bazaar schedules. The great thing is these are are posted way ahead of time so you can really gear up for a shopping spree.


It's past 12 midnight. I'm still up. And I feel far from sleepy.


atomicgirl said…
i used to be bugged by insomnia when i was pregnant, too. and it did not stop up until i already gave birth. plenty of cool ones in the blogosphere for you to visit and keep you company. hehe.
Angel Jayme said…
Oh well...i've resigned myself to two or more weeks of this. I'm supposed to give birth anytime after the 18th.

Hay...konti na lang.:)

Thanks for dropping by.
atomicgirl said…
oo nga. konti na lang and you'll soon be losing sleep on your little one. hehe.
Angel Jayme said…
Korek! I'm gearing up for that one too. Though with my work, sanay naman ako sa puyatan, I'm sure it's a different kind of puyat when you have a crying baby to lull to sleep and feed. Kaya ngayon mas minamahal ko ang nanay ko dahil naiisip ko yung pinagdaanan niya dati sakin. Hats off also to moms who have managed to get through these trying times. Buti ikaw nalagpasan mo na. :)

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