Making the perfect pancakes

Means closely following the instructions on the box, especially if you're not an experienced cook.

Between my hubby and I, he is the experienced cook. He has been living away from his home since college so he knows his way around the kitchen.

I, on the other hand, have lived with my parents all my life and I am used to waking up with breakfast ready every morning.

So when Kernan and I got married, we've both accepted our designated roles in the kitchen: he is the cook and I am the dishwasher.

But the other morning, I decided to try and prepare breakfast that required a little bit of cooking.

I thought cooking pancakes would be a cinch. After all, the instructions on the box were pretty simple: just add 1/2 cup water to the pancake mix and stir until free from lumps.

I didn't have a measuring cup nor a normal cup on hand, so I used a drinking glass. And since it was thin, I filled it with 3/4 water instead of 1/2. Big mistake.

It was too much and the batter got really thin. But I wasn't ready to give up yet and I cooked them anyway.

When Kernan saw what I was cooking, "Wow, nagluto kang scrambled eggs?"

Well, we still ate my scrambled-egg-looking pancakes. It was a good thing there was chocolate syrup included in the packet that made the taste alright, so that kind of saved my first sad attempt.

But you see, I will not stop at one attempt cooking simple pancakes. So this morning, I tried again with a different pancake mix.

I carefully prepared all ingredients:

1 whole egg
2 tbsps vegetable oil
1/2 cup water
200 g pancake mix

And I followed the instructions to the letter:

1. Beat one whole egg.
2. Add vegetable oil.
3. Pour water.
4. Add pancake mix and stir until free from lumps.

I poured a third of the batter in the non-stick pan set on low heat and it formed a perfect circle. Yay!

I waited for the bubbles to appear on top of the batter to signal that it was time to turn it over. But it seems I waited too long, because the pancake got a little burnt.

The next try, I guarded the pancakes zealously and flipped them at the first sign of bubbles.

My efforts paid off because when Kernan saw them he said, "Wow!"

They tasted good even without syrup and Kernan ate them all up. One feather on my cooking cap!

Next time, I'll try baking. Can't wait to see how that will turn out.


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