Lazy Sundays lead to Happy Mondays

We spent the whole Sunday at home.

Kernan treated me like a queen and catered to my every whim.

Like when I craved for Spanish bread, he went to Pacita to look for some. But it was mid-afternoon and all the Spanish breads have been sold out so he bought me my next favorite sweet craving and brought home a half-dozen chocolate donuts.

It’s a bit weird because pregnant women are supposed to have cravings in the early stages of pregnancy, but I still have them until now. It’s not really the wake-you-up-in-the-middle-of –the-night / get-me-this-or-I’ll go-crazy type. It’s more like a spur of the moment thing and my way of savoring my hubby’s affection.

All throughout the day, he’d keep asking me if there was anything I liked so he could go out and get it. Whenever I need to stand up or go down the stairs, he’s always there to hold me. (Actually, I’m still strong enough to do these on my own, I just love it when he holds me.)

I’m so thankful because he never gets tired of caring for me.

He’s been such a sweetheart the whole day, I just let him sleep the whole afternoon until late into the night.

We ended up leaving Laguna at past 11 pm.

Of course, when we got home he was far from sleepy so he started with his Smallville DVD marathon.

I’m not really a fan so I fell asleep right through it.

When I opened my eyes, I was greeted by the Monday morning sunshine.

I think that’s the great thing about lazy Sundays, you feel so energized to start work on Mondays. You almost feel like you can take on the world.

The day started really great because we learned that we won the ratings last Saturday. We had a solid 10 versus the competition’s 6.9.

We’ve been feeling down the past weeks because we lost to a Koreanovela. Though it was just a small margin, it still hits kinda hard especially when you know you’ve put in so much effort in the show only to be defeated by a canned soap.

But we all feel up to the challenge. Besides, it feels so good to win when you’ve just come from a loss. You learn to appreciate victory more. Losses keep you from being complacent and prompt you to aspire to do better.

The staff meeting ended with high spirits so I’m crossing my fingers that this week’s episode will be another winner.

After work, Kernan and I dropped by the grocery to pick up some of my favorite food staples.

First up, my breakfast buddies. I bought some wheat bread, a jar of creamy peanut butter and 2 boxes of pancakes with chocolate syrup. And this time, I promised Kernan I’ll really make pancakes and not burnt scrambled eggs.

My fruity favorites: a jar of sliced peaches, grapes and mandarin oranges. They’re the best food for sudden hunger pangs and keeps me from eating junk food too.

Last but not least on my list was a can of corned beef con patatas, my favorite dinner of the moment. I especially like it guisado with a lot of sabaw. I’ve been eating it for a couple of days in a row so I feel like I’ll grow tired of it any time soon. Sometimes I feel like my taste buds have a mind of their own, I wonder what they’ll fancy next.

We continued to watch Smallville after dinner. I think we’ve not even half-way Season 1 and my hubby is absolutely hooked.

I wasn’t really intent on watching though because someone else was stealing the show.

Baby Jamaine was really active the whole night. Kernan and I actually paused watching Smallville to watch my belly wiggle. I Imagine Jamaine had her own disco ball in my belly and was having a blast.

At one point, the thumping was continuous and rhythmic which I assumed must be hiccups. But I’d rather imagine she was tapping her feet to her own beat. Or she was knocking on my belly trying to tell me, “Mommy, I want to go out now.”

Just a few more weeks before we meet, my baby.


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