It’s a Super Special Sunday

Jamaine marks her ninth month today!

And that means I will be giving birth anytime now. I’m having delivery jitters.

I could feel her movements mostly at the lower part of my belly so she must be slipping into birth mode by now. Though I still can’t tell when, we’ll probably determine an estimated date when I have my check up on Wednesday.

Moving around is becoming a bit harder though because I feel like I’m lugging around a bowling ball. I actually walk like a penguin now. Sometimes I feel so tired, I wish I can give birth now. Just a few more days. Or weeks.
Actually, it’s okay too If I don’t give birth within the week because that means I can attend Daddy Jun’s 60th birthday party on Sunday.

We spent the whole afternoon taping surprise birthday messages for him. Kernan will have it edited into a nice presentation so we could show it during the party. Mommy tells us he is not the mushy sentimental type, but I hope he likes this one.

Kat gave Jamaine her very first gift today: a Winnie the Pooh tie-side top and panty.

I found them so cute, I had to drag Kernie to SM Sta. Rosa because I wanted to buy more of them. Apparently, these cute Winnie the Pooh baby stuff were new arrivals that’s why I didn’t find them when I went shopping weeks ago. I felt a bit frustrated because most of the stuff I bought were plain white.

Anyway, I just picked up two pairs of tops and bottoms with matching mittens and bonnet. I was thinking Jamaine might grow fast and won’t be able to use a lot of these small clothes eventually. I’ll just buy more as she grows.

Mommy surprised us by paying for everything so that’s Jamaine’s second gift for today. She is such a lucky baby.

Being the first grandchild for both of our families, Jamaine will sure be showered with much love and attention. I know it will take a lot of restraint on our part not to spoil her but we have to guard against it so she’ll grow up valuing the things she will have and, more importantly, the people who will give them to her.

Wow, I still can’t believe I’ll officially be a mommy soon.

Wish me luck.


atomicgirl said…
goodluck Jayme! kaya mo yan. sana nga lang, di ka CS.
Angel Jayme said…
Thanks! I've been praying talaga for a normal delivery since I learned I was pregnant. Just a few more days to go. :)
Anonymous said…
grabe jayme!!! I am soo excited for you. Kung hindi lng mahirap magmaintain ng bata dito, baka nagbaby na din kmi... kaya lng.. hirap talaga! :(

anyways, good luck!!! pics ah! :)

Angel Jayme said…
Thanks Rach! Ako rin super excited na talaga.

Alam mo mukhang mahirap nga if you'll have a baby so far away from home. Talagang masusubok ang relationship niyo ni Rob.

Though there were difficult moments in my pregnancy, a solid support group really helped me get through it.

Pag-uwi niyo na lang dito sa Pinas.


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