It was supposed to be just an ordinary Wednesday

I got home from work, ate a light snack and settled down to write a blog entry.

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot from my back and surrounded my lower belly.

Am I in labor? I thought.

I quickly flipped through my pregnancy book stopping at the page I’ve read and reread over twenty times.

Signs of labor.

It listed back ache as one of them. But all the other symptoms were absent.

Could it be false alarm?

I grabbed my cellphone and scrolled to my OB’s number thinking whether I should call or not. I thought about it as I walked around the bedroom but the pain did not ease up.

I remembered I had a bout of diarrhea the day before, could it have triggered these pains?

It would seem stupid to go rushing to the hospital and ringing an alarm just for stomach pain.

Still, I thought better be stupid silly safe than sorry, besides I don’t know the answer to my own questions anyway. So I called my OB and explained to her what I was feeling. She said it couldn’t be labor yet but I should go to the hospital just to be sure that the baby’s doing okay.

I called Kernie who quickly dashed to the house to pick me up.

Within minutes, we were at the hospital walking toward the labor room. Husbands were not allowed inside so I had to go through it on my own.

Part of me was excited thinking that this could finally be the moment we’ve been waiting for so long. But I was also scared because I doubt if I’m really ready for what’s about to happen.

The doctors at the labor room attended to me right away. They checked my temp and my blood pressure. As it turned out, I had a slight fever.

Then they hooked me to a monitor to check my contractions and the heart rate of my baby. While waiting for the readings to come out, one of the doctors asked me about my medical history.

The questions were pretty simple but I found that answering some of them were quite uncomfortable. I mean it’s not easy to tell a complete stranger when was the first time you had sex and how many times you do it every week, right?

Anyway, the readings indicated that my baby’s healthy but I was having regular contractions. That plus the slight fever plus my previous diarrhea made my OB decide that I should be admitted for the night. My latest urinalysis also said my pesky UTI is still at it so I had to be treated for that too.

And that’s how I ended up in a hospital room on a Wednesday midnight hooked to an IV.

It wasn’t so bad actually except for the stinging pain of the needle stuck to my arm.

Plus, I wasn’t allowed to eat anything until further notice which made me regret not eating the Jollibee spaghetti and mushroom cheeseburger I intended to take out for dinner.

My mom and dad arrived about an hour later to check on me while Kernan wrapped up some things at work and picked up extra pillows and blankets from the house. He was back in the hospital in less than an hour: one of the advantages of having a home and an office just 10 minutes away from the hospital.

It was around 3 am when we finally got settled in the hospital room but I was feeling far from sleepy. Could this really be it?

Sunshine was already streaking in through the hospital window when I finally fell asleep. But I barely clocked in 2 hours of shut eye when nurses came into the room to bring me back to the labor room. I was to undergo another round of monitoring to see if I made any progress.

The results would determine if I will stay in the hospital or if I just have to head on home.

Anxiety gripped me again but having my Kernie with me through the waiting time helped me to deal with it a lot easier. He really is my daily dose of love and happiness.

I may be at my puffiest and reddest but he still thinks I'm the sexiest and prettiest pregnant woman in the world.

When the results came in, the readings hardly indicated a contraction. There were still no signs of active labor.

My OB arrived a few hours later and concluded that I was just in early labor. I may not yet give birth in a couple of days. I requested to be discharged so I could just wait it out at home.

Strangely, as we were getting ready to leave, I felt a bit disappointed albeit relieved.

So near yet so far away.

An update

I had another check up after lunch today. And according to my internal exam, I’ve made very little progress.

I’m a bit disappointed because somehow I feel it’s my fault and I’ve failed at something.

My OB mentioned the possibility of an induced labor by this weekend if I still don’t show any signs of active labor soon. My latest ultrasound revealed Jamaine’s little home is getting matured so she has to come out or else she might be overdue.

In the meantime, she gave me two pieces of advice to help hasten the labor process.
One was to go to the mall and do a little walk-a-thon. So my mom and I went to Megamall to do just that. It must have worked a little because I felt a little pain starting to creep under my belly.

As for the second piece of advice, well let’s just say it’s something I know Kernie will definitely like.

Will it work?

We’ll just see tonight.

If all goes well, I might officially be a mommy by tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


Diana said…
Hi Jayme! All the best! Hope Jamaine comes out soon!
atomicgirl said…
and i thought i was reading a summary of a FRIENDS episode. hehe. you know. that one when Rachel wanted to give birth already and the baby wouldn't come out yet.

anyhow, congrats pala for being the blog addict of the week!
Angel Jayme said…
Thanks Diana! I do hope she will too.

Thanks Atomicgirl! You know my OB mentioned that Friends episode too but I haven't watched it yet. Anyway, I've been telling my baby to come out already, i can hardly wait. :)

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