It all started with a craving

Last night, for some reason, I suddenly craved for a chicken and pasta combo from World Chicken.

So after work, Kernan and I headed to Katipunan to satisfy my craving with an impromptu dinner date.

But fickleness struck me again and that’s never an easy thing. Because on the way there, I suddenly wanted to eat rice and adobo. So Kernan and I headed to the nearest Adobo Republic only to find out that their Anonas branch had already closed down.

Gusto mo ba ng lutong bahay? May suggestion ako.”

He brought me to Tapsi ni Vivian in Cubao. It reminded me of Aling During’s Binalot in Boni where Kernan and I used to eat when we first started dating. I was getting ready to devour a whole meal of chicken binalot with extra rice and red egg when my fickleness rubbed off on my hubby as well.

Alam ko na, Kamay Kainan na lang.”

And so my quest for chicken and pasta ended up with a Pinoy buffet.

I still got my fill of chicken and red egg plus tinola, seafood soup, tahong and lumpia. To top it all off, I had brownies and sweetened banana for dessert. I would have wanted to try the ginataang bilo-bilo too, but it felt like my stomach was about to explode.

Strangely, all that food somehow got us in a reflective mood.

Kernan asked me if I didn’t have regrets about having a baby this early. If I wasn’t on the way, we could have gone on weekly out of town trips and shopping expeditions. We may just as well be in Boracay right now or Palawan just having the time of our lives.

To be honest, the “shoulda-woulda-couldas” do cross my mind. It was never a question if Kernan and I were gonna get married. It was just a matter of when.

Last year, we set a timeline for our relationship. Save up money for the house and for the wedding. Get married in 3 years, spend the next 2 years just enjoying each other and the next year to have a baby.

It was a pretty ideal plan that had to be overhauled when Jamaine surprisingly came into our lives.

If we were not married and expecting a baby, what else would we have wanted for ourselves?

He said he wanted a big bike. I wanted a Macbook. He wanted to buy his own house. I wanted to travel and try different sports. All that would have to take a backseat for now because we have to set our priorities.

But when I think about it, I don’t have regrets about marrying young and having a baby.

When I was single, I spent money, sometimes unnecessarily, on whatever I wanted. But when I’ve finally made that purchase, I never really stopped wanting more. I was always dissatisfied thinking I’d be happier when I finally have this or that. But when the initial thrill is over, nothing is left.

Since I got married, I’ve become content with simple pleasures. Spending a weekend at home with my Kernie, writing in my journal or just feeling Jamaine moving in my belly bring me such a high incomparable to anything money could buy.

The happiness I’m experiencing now is something true and lasting because it grows day after day. Finding and experiencing that happiness is priceless. And I won’t give it up for anything in the world.


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