Hospital Tuesday

I spent almost the whole Tuesday in the hospital.

I went in the morning to have my lab tests. My OB wanted to make sure I no longer had anemia and I was free from any infections.

Strangely, when I walked into the laboratory, I felt a sudden dread for the needle. And that is weird because I was never afraid of syringes or injections.

Okay, maybe I was a bit scared when I was younger as most children were. But I wasn’t the type who’d get so scared stiff that I won’t be able to get through it at all.

Even when my foot got cut by a broken tile in a swimming pool accident last year, I bravely endured the anesthesia that had to be injected right into the wound. I even managed to laugh when the doctor joked that he had to pull the stitches tight so the wound won’t break open.

This morning’s lab test was a just simple CBC which wasn't even close to having stitches done, so I wasn’t supposed to be scared about having a syringe pierce my arm and into my nerve just to get a blood sample.

The nurse tied a rubber stopper around my upper arm before wiping alcohol on the soft skin behind my elbow. I turned my head away and closed my eyes.

She asked me to take a deep breath which numbed the needle’s sting. After a couple of seconds, she said it was over so I turned to take a look. That proved to be a big mistake, I saw the needle still stuck to my arm and the nurse was just about to draw it out. I almost grew limp.

Kernan must have noticed the look on my face. “Ang sakit ‘no?”

Of course, I denied it and put on a brave face. I’m absolutely sure I would be experiencing more severe pains than this during labor and delivery. So I might as well start acting becoming brave now.

An hour later, we picked up the results and Kernan dropped me off at my OB’s for my check up.

The waiting list was a bit long. I was the sixth in line.

But I was far from bored because there were kids playing in the corridor outside the clinic. Among them were two adorable little girls who seemed to be happy sashaying in their imaginary catwalks.

One was wearing a pink shirt and pants number while the other had on a summer dress dotted with red. blue green, yellow and pink flowers.

I could almost imagine Jamaine one or two years from now wearing dainty little dresses and cute pink shoes. I can’t wait to dress her up and fix her hair.

I think I’ll even buy us matching outfits. Or maybe I could get her a tiara.

It was past 3 pm when I got called in the clinic.

Doc checked my blood pressure and Jamaine’s heartbeat.

The good news is we’re both doing fine and Jamaine has a healthy heart rate.

The bad news is I’ve got UTI and I’ve got to take antibiotics for 7 days.

Doc told me to drink lots of water and to stay away from salty foods. (Goodbye Piknik and corned beef!)

She also said I should monitor Jamaine’s movements.

My baby’s supposed to kick a minimum of four times every hour after eating. Well, with the rate she’s going, it’s more like 10 kicks per hour.

After Sunday, I’m supposed to watch out for the impending signs of labor because I can give birth any day after that.

I can’t believe we’re almost there. I really should start packing my labor bag.


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