Four years and nine months!

Yup, Kernan and I are celebrating our monthsary today and it’s been a happy Saturday. We spent the whole day just lounging around at home savoring a relaxing weekend.

Kernan and I woke up well into lunchtime to make up for all the sleepless nights the past week. He hasn’t slept decently for three days because of work. I, on the other hand, have not had a decent sleep the whole week because of back aches.

Jamaine was punching and kicking me repeatedly so she must have been hungry. We had a nice home-cooked brunch of chicken mechado and fried tulingan, a nice breather from our daily canned food and instant meal fare.

I don’t usually read the newspaper after breakfast. But this time, I decided to join Kernie in the sala to read up on current events. It’s a good habit I’m learning from my hubby.

Though I wasn’t able to read the paper from cover to cover like he did, I still picked up a couple of interesting information from the few sections I read in Philippine Daily Inquirer's Saturday edition:

  1. According to Forbes, there are 946 billionaires in the world and this year is considered the "richest year in history." Bill Gates is still number one. Farther down the list are three Filipino tycoons: Henry Sy and Jaime Zobel de Ayala tied at rank 349 and Lucio Tan at rank 407. The richest woman in the world who ranked 12 is Lilian Bettencourt, the heiress of L’Oreal founder Eugene Schueller.
  2. The scent of roses could possibly improve memory. Test subjects who smelled the scent of roses while they were sleeping remembered 97.2 percent of the cards they studied before they slept, while those who did not smell the scent of roses remembered only 86 percent.
  3. Rajo Laurel has launched his own line of designer bed linens.
  4. A US-based volunteer group called Hands On Disaster Response is helping rebuild communities in Albay. Since typhoon Reming died down, they have been repairing houses, classrooms and boats to encourage the stricken residents to move on with their lives.

Well that’s all I took in. PDI’s Saturday edition is a bit thin. Maybe there’ll be more interesting articles tomorrow.

We cuddled in front of the TV and watched the movie “Skyhigh” on the Disney Channel. It was a cute movie but I still think the Incredibles was way better.

There were no other interesting movies on cable so Kernie and I decided to troop to Pacita to buy 8 in 1 DVDs. I didn’t find any romantic flicks I liked though. Kernie bought a compilation of action-sci fi movies featuring the Matrix series, a comedy compilation featuring Van Wilder 2 and a collection of Smallville Seasons 1 – 5.

But I didn’t go home empty handed. I bought double chocolate donuts and a grande Zagu choco crumble. I know it’s too late in my pregnancy to have cravings but preggy or not, I always crave for chocolates. Jamaine must have liked it too because she was moving around the whole time I was eating. I’m not surprised if she’ll grow up to be a chocolate lover just like mommy.

We watched “Borat” when we got home. It was funny in a weird and gross sort of way. But I have to hand it to the man who played “Borat” for having the guts to run around naked for the movie. I also liked the way he concluded his adventures and misadventures: “When you chase after a dream with plastic chests, you fail to see the beauty that’s right before your eyes.”

I love days like these when we can just stay home, cuddle under the sheets and have movie marathons. It's been a happy laidback Saturday. And I'm so lucky I've got the perfect lazy weekend partner with me.

Happy 4th year and 9th monthsary Kernie!


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