Baby shopping basics

I blew almost a whole month’s salary on a shopping spree last weekend. And it felt good even if not a single item I bought was for me.

I scoured Landmark’s third floor and went all the way to the other side to raid SM Makati’s Infants section to buy stuff for Jamaine. For someone who has recently been plagued by persistent back aches, piling up a lot of stuff to fill a whole shopping basket felt so therapeutic. I enjoyed it so much, I shopped two days in a row.

Shopping part 1 was on Saturday with mom and dad because Kernie was at work the whole day. But of course, Kernie wanted to be part of the action so we had Shopping part 2 on Sunday.

Of course, Mama was more than willing to dispense advice on what I needed to buy. Though I consulted my “pregnancy bible” and mommy magazines on the stuff I needed to prepare, It was still great to have my own “consultant” around who had first hand knowledge and experience on “first baby essentials.”

I was about 8 years old when I first accompanied Mama to buy stuff for my youngest brother Vin. Back then the infants’ section just had a number of choices for baby stuff so I think shopping was easier.

Now more than 17 years later, my Mama is the one accompanying me to buy stuff for my baby. And I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed and confused seeing racks upon racks of baby stuff available.

The good thing is having a lot of choices, the bad thing is tending to overspend and the challenging part is buying the best stuff for the baby.

There were a lot of different brands available ranging from the high-end imported brands (read: really expensive) to the local generic ones (read: really cheap).

Being on a budget can tempt you to just buy the generic ones or the cheapest item. In the end, I just chose the ones I felt had the best quality and ignored the price tags.

Here’s a rundown of the things I was able to check off my “baby shopping basics” list:

1. Feeding bottles.
This was a major thing for me because I’m not sure yet if I can breastfeed. My top three were: Pigeon, Avent and Chicco. Avent was too expensive for me, so I narrowed my choice to Pigeon and Chicco. As we were browsing through the different feeding bottles and reading the labels, a woman who was also shopping for bottles approached Mama and me.

“Ang bilhin niyo po Pigeon, yung may peristaltic nipple. Nasubukan ko na sa mga anak lahat ng klase ng brands pero yan lang yung hindi ako nagkaproblema.”

There were no signs that the woman was a sales representative on the sly and she looked genuinely sincere with her advice. So I checked out the peristaltic nipple she was talking about.

A closer look at the bottle’s box shows that the peristaltic nipple is one designed to imitate the natural flexibility of the mother’s nipple and that this helps prevent colic in babies. That, plus a buy three take one promo, was enough to convince me, so I bought two sets of bottles: a smaller set especially for newborns and a bigger set for when Jamaine gets older.

2. Powder milk dispenser and feeding bottle brushes

3. Nappies and Diapers
My mom said Curity was the best brand but since it was out of stock, I just bought a dozen from Disney. It was 100 % cotton so I guess that would do. I’ll just buy more later on. There were only two brands offering diapers for newborns, EQ and Prokids. I bought EQ which was a bit cheaper but I’ll have to wait and see if Jamaine is comfortable in it. If not, I’ll try Prokids next time.

4. Baby kimonos
I was tempted to buy little pink dresses and jumpsuits for Jamaine but of course, Mama was quick to stop me. Baby kimonos or tie-sides are the easiest to put on newborn’s fragile bodies so that would have to do for now. Since it’s gonna be summer in a few weeks, I bought more sleeveless than sleeved tops. Too bad, they didn’t have it in pink.

5. Bibs, Mittens, Booties and Socks
I bought a lot of bibs, following an advice I got from a newbie mom at work. Since the baby kimonos were white, I chose to buy white mittens and booties as well. But I bought a set of teeny weeny socks in different shades of pink.

6. Hooded towels, bath towels and towelettes
Again, they had to be 100 % cotton. And they were all in pink.

7. Toiletries: baby milk bath, baby oil, baby powder, alcohol, and cotton

8. Baby bath cradle
All the bath tubs I saw were either too big or too deep, so I bought a Pooh-shaped foam that has a depressed middle shaped like a baby’s body. It can prevent slipping even if the baby wiggles since her body will fit snugly in the middle of the foam.

9. Crib
Kernan and I agreed that we’d buy the crib together but we disagreed on the style of crib we wanted. He liked this yellow and white crib with ruffles that had this princess feel to it. I, on the other hand, was dead set on this brown Winnie the Pooh crib. The Princess crib looked nice and fancy but the Pooh crib was cute and functional. It had an adjustable bassinet so you could transform the crib into a playpen when the baby gets older. There was an adjustable changing area and an organizer at the side. Plus, you could put metal rockers at the bottom for when you want to rock the baby to sleep. Of course, after the salesman’s demo, Kernan was won over and we ended up buying my Pooh crib.

10. Matching pillows, comforter and blankets

11. Baby bag
Actually, this bag was more for me than Jamaine. I didn’t like the cutesy baby bags in the department store so it was a good thing I found Baby Couture bags at Babyland. It’s stylish, functional and doesn’t scream baby. There were only few stocks left in Babyland but they have a wide selection at the Baby Couture website so you could buy online.

I guess we’ve got the basics covered though there are still a couple of things we still need to buy:
1. Bonnet
2. Anti-diaper rash cream
3. Baby bottle cleanser
4. Stroller
5. Baby carrier / car seat

Hope we didn’t forget anything. We’ve got only a few more weeks to shop and get everything ready.


jennifer said…
hi there! u might not be able to use the powder at first. the pedias usually say no powder nowadays. :) Jennifer, mom of Belle
Angel Jayme said…
Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the tip. Medyo kinakabahan na ako with less than a month to go, but I'm also excited to be a mom. You're welcome to drop by anytime. Thanks uli! :)

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