And the verdict is in

No, I'm not giving birth within the week as I expected (and wanted). My OB says it might take another week.

She was supposed to give me my admitting orders for the hospital today but she said she'll give it to me on my next check - up instead.

Judging from the position of my belly, she said I appear to have "lightened" a bit which means Jamaine is on her way down. But it seems my baby's still taking her sweet time inside my belly because when Doc palpated my bump she said Jamaine is still floating and her head is nowhere near the birth canal.

Of course, I'm a little disappointed. Sometimes I wish I can pull the days until my delivery.

But what got me even more disappointed was the bad news about my urinalysis, I still have UTI.

I've been taking my awful tasting antibiotics, drinking lots of water and religiously going to the loo for the past week but the darn bacteria is still there.

My OB prescribed another antibiotic which is supposed to be stronger than the one I took. This one better work because I can't let this affect my baby plus it costs almost a hundred bucks a pop! It's really true when they say: "Bawal magkasakit!"


Some moms can be weird

Awhile ago, when I went to the hospital's laboratory to get the results of my urinalysis, there was a baby crying her head off in the waiting area. She was still a bit small and was wrapped in a hooded blanket, so I suppose she was just a few months old.

Meanwhile, a lab attendant was sticking a syringe in her arm, probably to get a blood sample.

The baby's face was beet red from all the crying and all the while, the woman carrying her (who I assume is the baby's mother) was laughing.

I looked at her again, and she was still laughing while saying, "Kawawa naman."

I imagine if that were me and Jamaine, I would probably be a bit worried and try to soothe her with gentle coos. Maybe I would even try to sing just to calm her down, never mind if the lab gets disturbed by an off key lullaby at 9 in the morning.

But I would never laugh.

Either that woman was scared/worried too and she was just pretending to laugh about it or she just finds a crying baby funny.



Some moms can be cruel

I came across this article about a newborn baby girl abandoned in someone's backyard in Pampanga, naked and left for dead.

Having worked in a network for more than four years, such news isn't really new to me and would just pass unnoticed.

But now that I'm pregnant and due to deliver, it felt so heartbreaking to know that one mother chose to abandon a precious baby. No matter what the reasons were, I don't think anything can ever justify throwing away a human life like a piece of trash.

How anyone can be so cruel escapes me.

It's a good thing that the kindhearted people who found the baby immediately rushed her to the hospital where she now recuperates. I hope she finds a good adoptive mother who will love her like her own.

Random thought: wouldn't it be cool if she was adopted by Angeline Jolie? Then she would have a brother from Cambodia, a sister from Ethiopia and another brother from Vietnam. Imagine that, a Filipino as one of Angelina and Brad's multi-national children.

Just injecting a happy thought.


I believe children are heavensent angels. They are like the embodiment of God's love.

Smile at a child today, you'll see God's face smiling back at you.


atomicgirl said…
hang on. a week may be too long but you'll be missing the feeling of pregnant once jamaine's out.
Angel Jayme said…
Thanks girl! Perhaps I'll miss her moving around in my belly, but I definitely won't miss the back aches. Patience! Patience!

audioangel said…
can't wait to see a photo of jamaine, myself! ÜÜÜ miss u jayme... where in the world have you been?!
Angel Jayme said…
Hi Doinks! Thanks for dropping by. Just around, enjoying life.

Shari said…
I have always loved being around babies. ;)

Yay, you're about to give birth na. Hey, it's just a couple of days away. I hope everything goes smoothly, of course. :)

Hay, if I had a crying baby on my lap, baka maiyak din ako. ^_^
sexy mom said…
i told you...the last 2 weeks/few days are the days which seem to drag soooo slowly...but hang on there,once jamaine's out, you will have a grand time everyday...God bless you--soon to be mom!
Angel Jayme said…
Hi Shari! Thanks for the encouragement. Medyo naiinggit na nga ako seeing the other moms with their babies. I've been talking to Jamaine and telling her to go out na 'cos I can't wait to see her. Eh mukhang nawiwili pa sa loob eh. :)

Hi Sexy Mom! You're so right, every moment seems to be dragging forever. It's a good thing my husband has been very supportive and understanding, kasi minsan nagta-tantrums na ko sa sobrang inip. :)

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