A sneak preview

Ang tangos ng ilong ni Jamaine. Mana kay Daddy Kernie! :)


When Kernan and I learned about the 4D Ultrasound, we decided I had to go through it once I hit 8 months.

The price is a bit steeper than the usual 2D Ultrasound but seeing a clearer image of the baby and getting an assurance that she is completely normal and healthy are things we were more than willing to pay for,

So on my 6th check-up, my OB agreed to issue a request for a 4D Ultrasound plus a Congenital Anomaly Screening Test for Jamaine.

I marked the date on my planner and counted the days ‘til my session. I wondered how Jamaine would look like but the bigger question for us was would she turn out to be a he?

We were so excited, Kernan and I arrived a half-hour early for our appointment at St. Luke’s.

I settled into the reclining bed as the doctor squirted a clear jelly-like substance on my belly. Jamaine didn’t squirm or move a bit.

“Naku, mukhang tulog siya,” the doctor said.

True enough, when her face became clear on the monitor, Jamaine was lying on her side sound asleep, her arm tucked under her head.

"Gisingin natin para gumalaw. May music ba kayo diyan?”

Kernan whisked out his phone and started playing the songs on his list. He placed the phone right next to my belly but Jamaine didn’t stir. I persisted and played “Fergilicious” one more time. Jamaine stirred a bit so I thought we were finally going to see some action. But after a few seconds, she went right back to sleep!

The doctor tried nudging my belly, but Jamaine still wouldn’t budge. Finally, she had an idea.

"Try to eat something sweet, that usually wakes babies up. Better buy some chocolate.”

Kernan rushed outside to look for some chocolate and came back with a handful of “Flat Tops.” I ate one after the other to no avail.

It seemed Jamaine was really bent on sleeping so we just decided not to push it and just proceed with the ultrasound and CAS anyway.

And so, after a few minutes, Kernan got his confirmation: Jamaine really is a girl.

We also managed to get a good view of her face and the doctors and nurses were remarking how pretty she was.

It was already evident that she got Kernan’s high-bridged nose which is exactly what we hoped for. Yay! We’ll have to wait and see though if she got my eyes.

We also got great CAS results which indicated that Jamaine is perfectly normal and healthy -- something we continue to pray for everyday.

Being the proud parents that we were, Kernan and launched an MMS brigade featuring Jamaine’s picture. We’ve also made it our official phone wallpaper.

My due date is drawing nearer and we’re getting more excited – anxious – impatient.

Just two weeks to go!


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