Finally had time to blog

It’s our fourth year and 8th monthsary today. And for the first time in years, my Kernie and I just stayed home together. We slept late, ate a lot of fried food and played computer games.

And finally, after weeks of absence, I finally have the time to blog. Among other things, my writing is one of the things that have taken a backseat as I try to balance being a wife, a producer and a “baby maker.”

So I’ll backtrack a little and review the past two months.

The V Amihan Reunion

The last time I wrote, I was going to the V Amihans reunion dinner. As always, it was a riot of pictorials and good ol’ bashing.

Since it was his first time to attend the reunion in years, Stephen was the star of the night. Almost everyone wanted to take a picture with him.

Kris is due this February. By the time we'll have our next reunion, our two babies will be added to the guest list. But in the meantime, kami raw ang apat na buntis.

The waiters gave us some stuffed animal souvenirs. Too bad we forgot to keep them.

We capped the night at Seattle's Best. No V Amihan reunion would be complete without the after-dinner coffee. Sa uulitin!
The Wedding Date

Before the end of 2006, Kernan and I trooped to Josephine’s Tagaytay with our Gatsby family to finally reserve the date for our wedding. The downpayment has been made and the date is final, we’re getting married on December 15, 2007.

Blessings in January

January pretty much flew us by. We were back to work and I am so thankful God has been pouring in so many blessings for Kernie and I. I’m still strong enough to carry on with my job and he has been receiving a lot of job offers and projects.

We’ve been saving a lot and spending a little in preparation for Jamaine’s arrival. Happy to say our Jamaine fund is right on track. Now all I have to do is gear up for a normal delivery, and we’ll be just fine.

I'm 25!

My birthday came early this year with a surprise gift from my hubby. I haven’t even released my birthday wish list and yet he already knew what was going to be item number one. And that’s exactly what he gave me.

So in his honor, I named my new laptop Kernie.

Now we look like a geeky couple sitting side by side on the sofa playing games in the laptop. Jamaine pipes in every now and then with a kick here and punch there. So you could say, it’s actually a family affair.
Kernan asks me if I’m happy.

I say, I am content and grateful that God has blessed us with such a blissful life together.


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