Favorite moments

The alarm clock sounded off at exactly 9 am.

I opened my eyes and rolled over to my right side ready to get up.

Okay, maybe just five more minutes, I thought.

I snuggled close to Kernan and buried my face in his neck. I could still smell yesterday’s perfume. He knows I love that fragrance on him. He reaches out his arm and locks me in his embrace.

I close my eyes and savor the moment. Waking up with him beside me is always the best part of my morning.

I opened my eyes and glanced at the alarm clock. 10 am. Has it really been that long?

“Good morning!” I said.

Kernan opens his eyes and hums “I love you!”

He gets up and walks around to my side of the bed to help me get up. My favorite moment number two.

Actually I can still get up on my own if I really try, but I just love it when he helps me up.

He embraces me tight careful not to crush my belly. Favorite moment number three.

We go down the stairs holding each other’s hand.

I stop in front of the mirror as he goes straight to the loo.

I take a closer look at the woman in the mirror. Is that really me?

Hair is limp and dry.

Cheeks are puffy.

Belly is big and skin is patchy.

This is certainly a morning moment I don’t like. Something to potentially ruin a great day.

A scene from this movie Kernan and I watched flashed in my mind.

Preggy wife wails to her hubby, “I look so ugly!” Hubby comforts her and says, “No you still look pretty.” Moments later, hubby tells his friend, “She does look ugly!” Then he goes on and cheats with another woman.

Makes you want to wish guys would get pregnant too so they would know what it’s like.

I smile feebly at the mirror, I turn my face side to side trying to look for a glimpse of the “old face.”

But each day, it gets harder to find it. And each day, it gets more and more difficult to feel beautiful. Now I understand why some pregnant women become frumpy. But I always said it won’t ever happen to me.

Sometimes, I can’t help looking longingly at skinny jeans, tank tops and high heels and wish I could fast forward to the day when I could wear them again. When I could strut a sexy cat walk and not a wobbly duck waddle. When my body’s like an hourglass and not an oversized ball.

I guess I’m just getting more emotional now that I’m almost due. My pregnancy bible says it’s natural for all manners of anxiety to creep up to you unexpectedly.

Just two more months.

Kernan comes out and looks at me. “Bakit ang ganda ganda mo lagi?” he asks.

I give him a hug.

Trust my Kernie to come in just at the right moment when I’m starting to feel dumpy. There I was with unkempt hair and patchy morning skin and he still thinks I’m beautiful. Favorite moment number four.

That’s four favorite moments against just a sucky one. I guess it’s a beautiful day after all.

Good thing I never run out of favorite moments.

And pretty soon I know I’ll be counting more of them.


rach said…
Naks! How sweet! Siguradong full of love (both ways) si baby Jamaine pag lumabas! :)
Moi said…
Awwww so sweet!!
angel jayme said…
Rach: Siyempre, keep the flame burning. We're really excited to see the baby para kumpleto na ang family. :)

Moi: Thanks for dropping by! :)

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