Almost 8

Jamaine is 7 months and 3 weeks old today.

She has been doing a lot of punching, kicking and squirming lately. And her movements have become pretty strong.

On Friday, I’m scheduled for a 4D Ultrasound and Congenital Screening plus a check up with my OB. My check ups are now scheduled every two weeks so I’m really feeling her nearing arrival.
Kernie still hopes the previous 2D Ultrasound we had at 5 months was inaccurate and the 4D will show Jamaine’s a boy. (He’s the only boy in the family so he’s pressured to have a son that would carry the family name.)

So we have put off buying baby stuff in the meantime. At least until the 4D results come in. Whether our baby’s a boy or girl, as long as Jamaine’s beautiful, normal and healthy, I can’t ask for anything more.

People have been noticing my big belly and keep commenting how my due date is just 2 months away.

Funny how a few weeks back, I was feeling kind of impatient that my due date seems to be taking forever. And now, every day seems to be going so fast.

Thank God, I’m not experiencing any serious difficulties now that I’m in the home stretch.

I’m just having shortness of breath every now and then, which the OB says is normal because Jamaine is pushing my lungs a bit giving it little room to breath.

My back aches have also persisted and they have become a bit more painful than before. My back bone makes clicking sounds when I turn the wrong way so I’ve become quite a slowpoke and Kernie has to help me get up in the morning.

I also get tired more easily, sometimes a bit absent minded and clumsy. It’s a good thing I can still go to work though. In case my water breaks, the hospital is just 10 minutes away.

Honestly, I am still feeling a bit anxious about giving birth.

Can I handle it when that moment arrives?

Will I be strong enough to pull it through?

Will Jamaine turn out fine?

Mostly, I’m just scared about being a mom.

I always said I’d like to be a cool mom who is close to her kids, expert at home management, successful at work and still manage to look hot. (Or is just that in the TV and movies?)

Kernie and I have been musing about how we’re gonna raise Jamaine. We both agreed we’ll spare the rod as much as we can and exercise diplomacy. And we will never, ever, ever argue in front of her or shout at her.

He says he wants her to take up Taekwondo and learn how to play the piano or the guitar. I want her to watch less TV, read more books and just be a well rounded and happy kid. We’ll just prod her into different things and see what she’ll take interest in.

Anyway, Kernie and I still have a couple of months to lay out our parenting rules and about a year of waiting time before we can actually practice them.

In the meantime, I'll just roll with Jamaine's kicks and punches and pray really hard for a safe delivery.


rach said…
Congrats sa laptop! mmm... I haven't got the chance to name our laptop... anyways, don't worry you will have a safe and normal delivery. pictures! don't forget!!

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