The blessings I'm grateful for

At last, I’m officially on vacation. Actually, I’ve been on vacation mode since last week.

Our team has been working real hard for the past months so we could have the luxury of a two-week, absolutely work-free holiday break. And it’s been really great.

Christmas has come and gone. Admittedly, it’s been a little less exciting than what it used to be. But it held more meaning for me this year since it’s the first Christmas Kernan and I have celebrated as husband and wife.

As New Year approaches, I usually find myself taking stock of the things I am grateful for in my life. It’s like a ritual of sorts that helps me to remember the lessons I’ve learned and to let go of the year that was.

But lately, I’ve adopted the habit of being grateful everyday. Even for the simplest, littlest things I consider as blessings.

Each night, before I sleep, I write a one-liner thank you note to God. It helps to remind me that goodness abounds if only you know how to look for it.

Life has been good to me this year.

I’ve got a great job at Lovely Day. I love my work because it offers a lot of possibilities. It has been particularly forgiving of my pregnancy since my schedule has been pretty more flexible and the workload comparably lighter.

I love the people I work with because they’re such a crazy, funny and hardworking bunch.

All decked up before the Hall of Fame pictorial

We’re going on our third year. Here’s to more adventures!

At the GMA Christmas Party

Our work schedules haven’t exactly eased up but I’m thankful I’m still in touch with my friends.

The coffee dates and dinners at Gateway do much to keep us together. Much has changed for all of us but our friendships have remained.

Hanging out with A & Stephen @ Pho Hoa
Coffee nights with Carli, Lyn, Marisse & A

My soul friend

Our recent impromptu reunion with other V Amihans reminded me how much fun I do have with people who have known me for years and like me just the way I am.

Impromptu reunion @ Pizza Hut Bistro

The blessing I’ve been the most grateful for this year is my marriage to the only man I’ve loved and will always love for the rest of my life. And my happiness couldn’t be more complete with our baby on the way.

We’re enjoying every moment, every step that we take toward being a family. It’s exciting and a little bit scary, but I’m grateful my life is going this way.

Entering the door to marriage

Married and loving it


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