The Ring

Kernan and I lazily ate our breakfast as we watched "The Weatherman." Thursdays were mostly relaxed days for us, but today was more special. This was the day he was gonna buy me an engagement ring.

But I didn't want to pressure him about it. So I quietly ate my fried chicken smothered with banana catsup as thoughts of our engagement swam in my head.

I've seen pictures of engagement rings in wedding magazines and websites. Mostly white gold with chunky glittering diamonds all over, these rings are definitely things only a lot of money can buy.

Lucky for him, I'm not really an avid fan of jewelry. So when he asked me before what kind of ring I wanted, I simply said as long as it's not yellow gold and scary, I'd happily wear it.

Besides, I'm wondering more about "that moment" when he finally asks me to be his wife.

I know after four years and a baby on the way, our marriage would seem so automatic that it would hardly warrant a proposal.

But Kernan and I agreed that even if we'll have a civil wedding before our baby is born, we'll still hold the wedding of our dreams next year and Baby Jamaine will be there to make the realization of that dream the happiest moment of our lives. He / she may even be our baby ring bearer / flower girl!

So for now, we agreed that I'll wear an engagement ring and we'll exchange our real wedding rings next year.

And when he pops the question anytime soon, of course I'd answer a big resounding "YES!" I just wonder how it would feel like to actually be asked by someone to be his partner for life.

In the movies, leading ladies have it good. A lot of the movies Kernan and I watched together had romantic proposals.

Expensive diamond rings would surprisingly show up embedded in the main dish during an elegant dinner. Kindergarten kids would line up in the street holding flashcards with letters spelling out "W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E?" The same question would magically show up in the clouds trailing a plane. And in the more dreamy, fantasy proposals, the ecstatic couple would end up kissing each other against a backdrop of grand fireworks lighting up the night sky.

My all-time favorite would have to be the proposal scene in Serendipity.

Sara Thomas (portrayed by Kate Beckinsale) comes home, opens the door and steps into a sea of rose petals adorning the floor. The room is lit by candles softly enough to illuminate a huge gift box in the middle of a table.

Excited and giddy, she rips off the wrapper and reveals one box after the other getting smaller and smaller. Finally, she takes hold of a dainty box. A ring box.

She opens it slowly and finds it empty. Just then, lover boy Lars Hammond (portrayed by John Corbett) swoops in with the ring in his hand. But the plot dictates that the ring won't fit so he had to force the ring down Sara's finger but it won't budge.

Fantasy ends here.

So we finished our breakfast and I headed to the office to finish some paperwork while Kernan went to meet his mom at Ongpin.

Somehow, later in the afternoon, I forgot about my marriage proposal fantasies. The culprit: a persistent ache that slowly creeped into my back and I couldn't make it go away. (Oh the woes of pregnancy!) I tried sitting down and standing up and shifting from left to right but the pain was still there.

It got so uncomfortable, I called Kernan and asked him to take me home. As I sat in the car, I tried to find the most comfortable position I could endure for the 5-minute ride home.

"Nabili mo na yung singsing?" I asked offhandedly.

"Yup, pero bukas ko pa makukuha," he said.

I didn't press for more details. All I wanted was to get home and lay my aching back on the bed. Oh yeah, and to get some dinner.

I craved baked potatoes but there were no Wendy's restos nearby. Kernan suggested Napoli's but pasta didn't quite appeal to my taste buds at that moment. He suggested Shakey's mojos, but I didn't like them either.

Finally, I decided on a chicken fingers sandwich, an apple pie, and apple juice from Burger King. With my takeout craving of the moment in hand, we quickly headed for home.

Upon arriving at the apartment, I quickly went to the kitchen to wash my hands and start muching on my dinner.

As I turned from the sink, hands wet and smelling of soap, Kernan said, "Mahal may itatanong ako sayo..."

Then he knelt on his right knee, whipped out a red box and asked,

"Will you marry me?"

He opened the box to reveal a white gold ring with a diamond nestled in the middle and slipped it into my ring finger.


A confusion of kisses, hugs and "I love yous" filled our kitchen.

I playfully slapped his tush, "Niloko mo pa ako kanina ha..."

The ring was a little bit loose on my lower finger but it felt like I was wearing a priceless treasure. Words can't describe perfectly how I felt at that moment. Perhaps, "I am the happiest woman in the world" would come a bit close.

So this is how it feels like, I thought.

Pure bliss.

We spent the next hour taking photos of me and my ring to send an MMS to friends but apparently the system was down. So I just settled down to eat my dinner with a big smile stuck to my face.

And that was how my marriage proposal went. No elegant dinners, planes writing on clouds, fancy gift boxes surrounded by rose petals or grand fireworks.

There was only me in our kitchen on an ordinary Thursday night, a white gold diamond ring and my loving Kernan kneeling on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my llfe with him.

Yet it felt like a magical scene from our own wonderful love story and I was the one and only leading lady.

Such a moment is priceless.

That night, I whispered a prayer of thanks to God for giving me so many blessings: a wonderful baby and a man who will love me and cherish me for the rest of our lives.

I slept with Kernan's hand clasped in my hand wearing my beautiful, beautiful ring.

The momentous night had ended but another chapter of our love story is just beginning.


andrea said…
congrats! naloka ako at nagulat pero congrats! =D
adonna said…
congratulations, jayme!!! i'm really very happy for you...
rach said…
congratulations jayme!!!

wow! two months on the way ka na! mmm.. bawal na ang late nights niyan.. hehe..

miss u
angel jayme said…
Andrea and Adonna: Thank you so much! :)

Rach: Yup, bawal na late nights pero di pa rin maiiwasan because I've been living like this all my life. Bawi na lang sa pagkain. Hehe!


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