Passing the first trimester

I'm finally exiting the delicate stage of my pregnancy and entering what is generally considered the easiest phase. So I'm expecting everything would be downhill from here. Or at least until my third trimester begins.

The first three months weren't very difficult though. Except for the occasional nausea and some rare instances of vomitting, I didn't experience much of the dilemmas most women fear about pregnancy. Some of my friends would ask me if I would have moments like those in the TV and movies where the pregnant woman dramatically rushes to the sink to throw up. Nope, definitely never had that one.

It's a good thing my cousin lent me the pregnancy bible which really helped me a lot to deal with a whole lot of changes that's happening to my body sans the panic and anxiety attacks.

Like the crazy food cravings that kicked in sometime during the end of the second month. I really tried to stick with the pregnancy diet so that I can muster enough strength to steer away from junk foods and sweets (....the agony!) that can make me and my baby fat. So far my cravings have been tolerable and controllable such that I am not waking Kernie up in the middle of the night to find me some peaches or baked potatoes.

What I'm really trying to get a grip over are the morning sluggishness, the mood swings and surprisingly, "memory gaps."

It's weird because every morning upon waking up, I would still feel tired. It's as though I didn't sleep at all. The book says this is normal because whether you're asleep or awake, your body's working 24/7 making a baby.

I actually wake up earlier than I did pre-pregnancy. These days, I usually wake up around 7 or 8 am. But I spend the next 2 hours just lying in bed wide - eyed or lounging around in my pajamas trying to get my energy up.

I'm just so thankful Kernie readily wakes up every morning to cook me breakfast. He says my standard waking up spiel, "Gutom na ko..." serves as his alarm clock. But of course, I don't say it until I've said my perky first line "Good morning mahal!" followed by "I love you so much!" and a purse-lipped kiss. My hubby's a real angel.

As for my mood swings, it just springs out of the blue. Sometimes, I would get easily irritated by a non-issue whereas before I would be so calm that almost nothing could ruffle me. Kernie and I would get into "little fights" because my moods would be so unpredictable and somewhat annoying, it's hard for him to handle it especially after a long day.

Though we quickly kiss and make up after, I know I really need to control this to avoid unnecessary strains in our relationship.

One thing that's a bit frustrating though are my "memory gaps."

I've always prided myself for my strong memory especially when it comes to things I have to do. But lately, I've been forgetting certain things. And sometimes I would really feel down when that happens because I don't want it to affect my job.

Everyday I list things I have to do and check the ones I've accomplished immediately so I can easily keep track. But some things still sneakily slip from my mind. And when your attention is called at work saying "I forgot" is certainly not an excuse.

I looked it up in the book and it said forgetfulness is another normal side effect of pregnancy hormones. That's why pregnant women are advised to steer clear of organizing stuff with too many details to avoid stress. That, I'm afraid, is something I can't do because my job is all about organization and lots of details. And I intend to continue working for as long as I can.

In the meantime, I'll just keep my trusty notebook and pen handy, jot down things as soon I remember them and try my hardest to remember everything that's important.

Sometimes it gets hard, sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant. I'm just approaching four months and I still have a long way to go.

Still, I know the long wait and sacrifice will all be worth it. I can only imagine that moment when Kernan and I finally hold Jamaine in our arms. All those difficult experiences will fade away in my memory.

We will only remember the happiest, most blessed day in our lives when God brought us all together to be a family.


rach said…
congrats jayme... tiis lng ng konti... i'm sure jemaine (tama ba?) will be a very strong and cute baby =)
rach said…
hi jayme kmusta na ang future mommy?

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