Baked potatoes & baby's cravings

Right now, I'm really craving for Wendy's baked potato with cheese. There's something about it's creamy consistency that just drives my taste buds crazy.

It's weird because the last time I remember I ever ate a baked potato was during my college days when I was still with the V at UST. Wendy's would be a staple for dinner and early morning breaks during pressworks because it was the only fastfood near UST that was open for 24 hours. My favorite order was the Chicken Breast Fillet sandwich. I'd rarely order a baked potato because I thought it was too bland and I didn't like the idea of eating the skin.

But now, I've been craving for baked potatoes almost everyday for the past two weeks. And it's too bad because I just realized that there are very few Wendy's branches around. The nearest ones to my workplace or my home is the one in SM North and I'm too lazy to go there. Can't order through delivery too cos i think you have to have a minimum of P200 and it's the only one I want to order. Sure hope my hubby brings one home later.

Update: My Kernie did bring me a baked potato with cheese! Straight from their shoot in Las PiƱas, he and his crew went all the way to Wendy's in Tandang Sora to get me one. Aww....Mahal, love mo ko talaga. My hubby really is a great help in easing my pregnancy pangs. He really exerts effort to satisfy my every craving and that alone makes eating so pleasurable. Love you Kernie.

It's not an easy thing to deal with these cravings. I had it easy during the first three months, I could eat almost anything and I was hardly picky. Now that I'm entering my second trimester, my taste buds are slowly turning crazily fickle.

A week ago, I craved so bad for nice, juicy grapefruits so my hubby bought me a real big one. I heartily ate about half of it. Two days later, I totally didn't want it anymore. I think I should give it away before it rots in the ref.

It's hard sometimes, when I crave something really bad, I can't eat anything else even though I know I'm hungry. But of course, for Jamaine's sake, I have to force myself to eat. Just imagine those times when you're sick, your taste buds seemed to have gone into hiding and everything tastes blah, but you have to force your food down so you will get better. I tell you, it's not a very happy feeling.

Good thing, I have some staple foods that I never get tired of eating like Nestle's Non-Fat Mango yogurt, Quaker Oats Chocolate Oatmeal, tuna, Yakult and fruits like bananas and oranges.

The real good thing about pregnancy is it pushes you to be a healthier eater. Everything I eat, Jamaine eats. And his / her growth and development all depends on how responsible I am when it comes to eating. So I'm almost close to eliminating all junk foods in my diet. Though, I still declare a "Chocolate and Ice Cream Day" once a week.

My OB says, if I watch my diet carefully, I will steadily gain weight and I won't have to worry about growing too fat. Last time I had my check up, I only gained a pound which is good because if I'm not too big, I'll be lessening the risk of having to go cesarean. And I NEVER, EVER wanna have a knife cut through me and leave a permanent mark on my skin. Call me vain, but just the thought of having a permanent scar due to childbirth scares me.

Besides, I really have to watch myself if I want to lose my pregnancy weight immediately after I give birth in April. We'll be having the big wedding in October next year and I'm giving myself an ultimatum to have my gown fitted by July. I know two months is a tough challenge but I have to get through it.

I've already picked out a few designs I like and I want to look really svelte in my wedding gown when I walk down the aisle.

Definitely a gorgeous wife and one hot momma!


Mike Overall said…
Hey Stranger! Swing by my site sometime! What's new?
rach said…
hi jayme!

well, better be sure to eat right and do not overeat heheh.. but of course you can't help it. =)

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