Late nights, broken relationships and the man who will grow old with me

"Pare, dalawang araw ko nang hindi nakikita ang mga anak ko....t@*#%!" "Pano pag naghiwalay kami ng asawa ko dahil sa trabaho ko..."

Such is a lamentation I have heard more than once in this job. To be honest, I think Kernan and I might not have lasted this long had we not been in the same line of work. It's hard enough to deal with even when both of us are here.

I could only imagine how it is like for other couples who come from opposite sides of the working fence. If one of you has a high-stress job with irregular working hours and the other has a regular 8am - 5pm job, matching schedules to set aside some "quality time" can pose a real challenge. Distance unguarded may soon turn into animosity which could break any relationship.

If your partner lacks experience in TV production work, she/he may need to employ a great deal of patience for the waiting nights; endless understanding for the stress-induced mood swings and superhuman trust in an environment where there is high-risk for temptation. When all else fails, you can either quit the relationship or quit your job.

I can only pray that when the poor guy goes home to his wife and kids in the wee hours of the morning, he would not be met with a flying kick, slap or saucer but with warm and loving arms that would make all his exhaustion and stress fade way. Just a little reminder that some sacrifices are worth making.


Kernan is still busy "mastering" his new job.

I admit, I miss the late movie nights, going out and shopping for some "stuff" and scouring the city for new resturants for our impromptu dinners. But I know he's been working real hard and he needs all the support he can get now. And who else can give that better than his number one fan? (Me!)

I have been observing certain positive changes in him lately. Despite the constant stress, I observed that he's become more levelheaded, he rarely gets pissed off with the little things and handles all difficulties in stride. He even told me that now he's learning how to recognize things he cannot change and accept them as they are.

It's as though he's undergone some sort of transformation. And I'm thankful he did.

I'm thankful that after all these years, we're still growing together.

I'm thankful that despite the forces around us that pull us away from each other, we have managed to stay strong together.

My college friend Cai used to say she'd like to find a man with whom she can "drink milk and eat cookies with," a man who would grow old with her. Then, I thought if such a man could possibly exist.

And now, I know he does.


You know, I will be the woman who'll grow old with you.

I love you so much.


mai said…
wow! mushy mushy mode here huh?

glad to hear your relationship is doin' na rin ba soon? :D
angel jayme said…
The thought crosses my head sometimes, lalo pa pag nakakakita ako ng married couples like you who are about my age (haha..."wedding lust.") Pero I feel like we're not yet ready. Though if I do decide to take the plunge, chika ko sayo. :)

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