I love days like these

I have been on vacation mode early in the week. Actually, I feel like I'll be in vacay mode for the whole month with visions of beaches in my head.

I've been staying home for the past couple of days and I'm really enjoying it. My lola has just arrived from Italy and everyone's excited to have her home. She's radiant as ever but she looks thinner and walks slower. I guess her age has finally caught up with her after she has evaded it for years. I don't think she'll be coming back to Italy anymore.

I have also found a new hobby courtesy of my little brother, I'm finally learning how to play the guitar!I've always wanted to learn the guitar since highschool, mostly because I was in awe of my schoolmates who had their own bands. When I couldn't get my fingers to like the strings, I wanted to learn the drums so I could play during our cheering competitions but I ended up being a cheerdancer instead.

At least now, I can finally cross out "learning how to play a musical instrument" from my to-do list. I'm very rough on the edges but I can play OPMs with the easy chords like Hale's "Kung Wala Ka," Eraserhead's "Huwag Mo Nang Itanong" and Moonstar 88's "Torete." I can also play the acoustic version of "Crazy for You" with a few halts here and there, but I'm still perfecting it.

One thing I discovered, it's so hard to play the guitar and sing at the same time. I now have a newfound admiration for musicians. Maybe when I get better at it, I'll get my own guitar too. I hope they have it in pink!


I've been raring to go back to the beach since our Palawan trip. And now I'm getting my wish. And the best thing of all, it's for pleasure.

In a few hours, we will be leaving for La Union. We're off to the San Juan Surf Resort. Yipee!

We're just taking the bus because none of us is willing to drive that long but I'm sure the long ride's gonna be worth it.

Will post pictures when we get back.

Have a great weekend!



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