My New Year started in February

Let's just say, January was one hell of a month I'd rather not recall.

There was just too much pain and I know I didn't go unscathed. But I guess what matters more is I've survived - WE've survived one of our biggest trials yet. I consider myself blessed because not everybody gets a second chance.

The lesson I learned the hardest way: never take the one you love for granted.


I've been going from one out of town trip to another for the last 2 months, which explains why I have been absent for sooooo long.

I've survived a trek to Mount Pinatubo, discovered the historical wonder of Corregidor, partied in Iloilo and retraced my steps in Baguio.

I've accumulated a lot of pictures and stories which I haven't got the time to document. But I'm planning to sit down and do that when I finally get to breathe freely. I'm afraid my long term memory might fail me one of these days and all those stories might disappear in oblivion.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for Dimakya Island in Coron, Palawan. It's back to Club Paradise. Back to the world of Varsi memories.

Club Paradise was where we spent the Varsi Teambuilding Seminar and Outgoing's Night in Summer 2000.

I wonder how much has changed since then.


I've turned a year older last month.

My birthday celebration wasn't all that memorable though. I had a "Creativity Seminar" the whole day and I only got to squeeze in a quick dinner with Kernan at Dad's before returning to the office to write my script. :(

After all these years, I guess I've gotten used to not celebrating events on their actual date and just celebrating whenever we can.

Maybe when I get a free weekend, I'd go on a belated birthday celebration wherever I want. Now that's something to look forward to.

Wow. I'm 24.

I guess I should stop aging at 25.

More updates soon.

Have a great weekend! :)


Anonymous said…
it's always a good thing to survive a bad storm in one's relationship and i completely agree with what you wrote on never taking the person you love for granted. Here's wishing you and your other half a stronger and even more deeper relationship. Cheers!


belated happy birthday :D
angel jayme said…
thanks NV. :)

i'm so happy that we get to celebrate our fourth year together in june.

but the best thing of all is spending our lives together.

hope all is well with you too.


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