I wish I could say it was a happy day

But it wasn't.

Sometimes you just have those days when however happy you want to be, something can just trip you and send you throttling down to the dumps.

First, we woke up late and therefore had a rushed morning. I discovered tiny whiteheads on my cheeks, a result of last night's laziness to wash my face. So I had to do some quick damage control and settle for some low maintenance look = tinted moisturizer + eyelash curler + lip balm + gloss.

Then I noticed that my pink blouse didn't feel quite right so I quickly threw a jacket on to cover up. I crunched some hair shine through my dripping wet hair, quickly brushed a few strokes and I whisked myself out the door.


I made it to my edit sked and got down to work without breakfast. Minutes later, Kernan called. He had an accident. Thank God, it was a minor one.

As he was driving along Ortigas, the vehicle before the taxi in front of him suddenly halted causing the taxi to suddenly stop and him to bump the taxi's rear. He admitted it was his fault and so he had to settle with the taxi driver.

Okay, not a very good day for both of us but there was no time to even worry about it. We had deadlines to meet.

Toward the end of the day, I received some bad messages. And I mean really bad. So bad that you want to flare up and throw some cuss words back.

But as I always tell myself, choose love over hate. Peace over war. Never stoop down to the lowest level.

And so I remained silent.

I couldn't bear to end the day with bad things on my mind so I took the best solution I know: go out on a date.

I invited Kernan out for dinner at Shakey's and we feasted on pizza, pasta and chicken. To hell with diets. Tonight we're gonna enjoy.

There I was tired, unmade up and hungry. But in the middle of dinner, I caught Kernan looking at me from across the table and he said, "Mahal, you look so beautiful tonight."


Here's a guy who has seen me almost everyday for the last three years and nine months and he still thinks I'm beautiful.

Throughout dinner, he would crunch up funny faces like this and I couldn't help but laugh. I've got to be the grouchiest grouch if I didn't.

I guess no matter how bad my day has been, just being with you makes me feel everything will be alright.

You have stood by me through everything and i just know you'll be there always.

No wonder, you're the only man I will ever love for the rest of my life.

I guess I was wrong when I said that it wasn't a happy day.

Because when I'm with you, it's always like the happiest day of my life.


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