"Always choose love"

I love times like these when I can just stop and hear myself think.

Thankfully, work has simmered down a bit and we're getting to spend weekends at home. With the rat race we have gotten ourselves into, weekends have really become precious commodities for us -- so precious that we become "selfish" as to how we spend it. But hey, times like these are rare. It's back to the race before you know it and sometimes you just have to grab some free time for yourself.

Picked up my old journal and opened to this page, just remembered an old love advice I wrote for myself, something I know I ought to keep in mind all the time:

May 4, 2004

Wow, two years. If I told them we would go this far, they wouldn't believe
me. But we have, and we intend to be together for a lifetime. We didn't need to
prove ourselves to anybody. We love each other and we will do all that it takes
to make it work.

True, there comes a time when you feel that the excitement has gone and
everything is too familiar. But relationships are not just about magical sparks.
This kind of excitement and mystery is something the two of us should work on.
It's up to us to nourish the relationship.



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