Smile though your heart is stressing...

It's almost 3 am.

I haven't had a decent sleep since Monday and I feel like i'm floating. I guess that's why I finished my script in the slowest time possible. My brain is starting to shut down. My eyes could barely stay open.

This is one of those weeks when I hardly noticed a day pass by. I guess because I'm awake most of the time I didn't realize when it was day or night. My back is aching and screaming for a massage.

I tried to smile but Is it obvious that I look harassed? (Read: enlarging eye bags! Grrr....)

My friends say I looked like I lost weight.

Still, I feel like I've aged 5 years after five days.

Good thing, I can still keep sane.

How exactly do I do that?

Listening to WAVE through a Pink Panther FM Radio tuner (bought this for P99 at Watson's, cute)
Finishing a whole pack of Orbits
Wearing my fuschia poncho which keeps me warm in this freezer of an office.
The only thing consoling me is the thought that I get to spend Christmas at home for two weeks after this hectic week.


It' s weird how sometimes we know exactly what to do and don't do it anyway.

We torture ourselves, push ourselves to the edge, crash and break into a million pieces until there's nothing left.

Yes, some decisions are harder to make than others. But sometimes, you just have to go ahead and do it. Live with it. Face the consequences.

If it means your peace of mind. If it means you'll be free from your own prison. If it means you'll have a happier life.

This one of those inevitable things that comes with being old enough to decide for yourself.

Think it over.



I know exactly what to do.

But I'm scared to do it.


Jaimie said…
I saw your comment on the Light Within, and you have the same name as me.

Anyway, nice blog! Come by and visit!
angel jayme said…
Hi Jaimie, thanks for visiting my blog.


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