Seems like I beat the record this time

It's almost 5am, and I'm still alive!

It must be the loads of chocolate wafers, crinnkles and pretzels I had for snacks and the Jollibee chickenjoy I had for dinner.

Too much food for one day, I must say. It's certainly not the way to compensate for lost sleep, but I'm falling into that trap! I could almost see warning sirens flashing their red beams in my tummy.

Warning! Warning! Flab attack!

As I said, all this work has cost me time at the gym and I'm feeling quite sluggish again. Oh and my jeans seem to be getting tighter (or is it just my imagination?) Very bad.

Besides, my membership expires on Sunday and I've already wasted a week. It's a good thing, those guys at the Mojo Gym thought of coming up with that monthly payment scheme so I won't be worrying about wasting a whole year's worth of membership dues whenever a busy sked comes up.

I swear, tomorrow later, I'm going to the gym no matter what.


We shot the spiels for the Lovely Day Villains Reunion last night starring Shadow, Goblin, Witch, White Lady and Bitch Black Queen a.k.a moi.

Pictures to be uploaded after I get some sleep.



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