Lovely Jewel in the Palace

Last weekend, we brought one of our fantasies to life and made our own spin-off of Jewel in the Palace.

No it wasn't some spoof to make fun out of the Koreanovela. It was more of a general feature on Korean culture: food, costumes, martial arts and herbal medicine.

Since we were short on actors, the staff ended up acting for the different bit parts.

Shao was cast as the scheming Madame villain and I was her assistant.

Well, actually they said I looked more like a concubine.

But I didn't want to be a concubine. Not when the king looks as scary stern as him.

The three servants had to make sure he was well taken cared of.

But behind her smiles, the scheming Madame Shao was out to destroy the king. She was able to fool the servants and the palace guards.

Maybe partly because we were too busy taking pictures, we forgot to keep close watch on what's happening in the palace.

So poor Bei-bei was accused of poisoning the King and no one can do anything to protect her. She was handed down a death sentence.

What happens to the palace?

Watch the drama unfold in Lovely Day, Saturday, December 10 on GMA 7.


louyau-mike said…
How come ... ur ... custume ... seems so ... tight? So what did you do in the cast? Do you speaks? Or just moves around at the background?
angel jayme said…
that costume wasn't exactly made like the authentic Korean costume, that's why they said I looked like a concubine. The costume was borrowed and it wasn't even made for me. I think it was made to fit a certain celebrity in one of our variety shows. Good thing I was able to zip it up without a hitch.

I just moved around in the background because it was my co-writer Shao's turn to become the villain.

I played the role of villain a few months ago. I was a wicked queen in a tight frilly black dress. I looked like a Kabuki doll so I didn't take pictures.

I had quite a number of speaking lines plus I had to do those trademark wicked laughs too. It was so hard because being a villain wasn't natural to me.

But all those who played villain roles will make a comeback in our Special December 31 episode. I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures then!

Fahd Mirza said…
must be fun. Anyway I liked the pics a lot. They are so colorful and vibrant.

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