And so the villains have returned

With the year about to end, the villains decided to have a meeting and cook up an evil plan: take revenge over the Lovely Day gang.

For the past months, everyone has seen how they have been defeated by the four friends, their evil plans always foiled by the power of the group's innate goodness. (Of course, in our world, good always triumphs over evil.)

Goblin talks to the Dark Lord (the glowing stone in the middle), and summons black, er reddish purple powers.

The Witch is trying to think of a new spell to cast all evil.

While White Lady stays quiet and expressionless...

The Bitch Black Queen strikes a pose. (Just realized that I'm the only one without a mask. Well, my bad make- up makes me look bad anyway.)

This is not the original dress I wore, and my make up was much better. But we were after a deadline so there was no time to be picky. The only thing comforting me were my comfy wedges.

To complete the reunited villains is Shadow, the first and ultimate villain of the gang. Oh, he doubles as director too.

The shoot went on for a couple of hours, we entertained ourselves with taking more pictures...

Me and Godj (Witch)

With Farley (White Lady)

The Queen and her mortal lover

But it was almost 12 midnight and I was getting really sleepy...

After the shoot, we thought it would be nice to have a portrait of our first (and perhaps last) reunion, unmasked.

The bad thing is, I was able to bring all my facial stuff (toners, spot gel and moisturizer) except my facial wash, and the horrible make up was making my face feel real itchy. Good thing Ron brought his Nivea facial wash. It was labelled "For Men," so my face smelled like after shave after but it was strong enough to wash all that goop from my face.

Good as new!

Just in case, you forget how I really look like. :)


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