You just have to believe

Things work out just fine.

Life has been extremely hectic these past weeks, hence my prolonged silence.

I barely had time to eat and sleep decently, but I had to keep the wheels turning and work like a tireless machine.

That sucks. I hate that kind of feeling.

Many times, I wanted to bail out but that would have been cowardly. I made this decision and I have to deal with it.

Besides, I am doing this not only for myself. I'm doing this for my family. And when I feel that somehow, I am able to help ease my parents' worries, that's enough to give me that sudden surge of strength to keep on going.

Thank God, I have my boxing sessions to turn to whenever I feel stressed.

Even if I've only had a couple hours of sleep, I would still make time for it just to release all that stress and pressure. Despite ending up with another bleeding wound, I feel good.

Yesterday, I was worried how I could possibly fix my schedule and meet all my assigned stories.

I had overnight editing from Thursday to Friday, an RX shoot on Saturday morning and then I had a scheduled departure for Batangas in the afternoon for a two day Lovely Day episode shoot which would overlap with another RX shoot on Monday.

Man, I almost went crazy.

As I was editing my segments at 3 this morning, I was praying really hard for "something" to happen and fix my schedule.

And something did happen.

This afternoon, I learned that our Batangas trip would be postponed to next weekend, which means I can shoot my RX story on Monday.

And then I received a call from my researcher saying our RX shoot tomorrow would be rescheduled on Tuesday, which means I can finally sleep late tomorrow.


That sure was a quick answer.

Thanks to YOU.

If I prayed for a BMW, would you give me that too? Kidding.

Tonight, I will sleep.

And tomorrow I will go boxing.

To everyone else who had a stressful week, Happy weekend! :)


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