The past eight days...

1. I have gone to Bea's birthday party, belted out tunes til I was hoarse and danced like crazy.

2. I have gotten into a "fight" with Kernie.

3. I ended up buying this cute little baby

4. I lost 5 pounds and an inch from my waistline :)

5. My scrapes have dried up and my hand looks like a man's.

6. Completed my shoots, scripts and edited my story for the second episode of my new program, RXMEN on QTV11

7. Lasted eight rounds during my latest boxing session.

8. Accomplished two stories for Lovely Day.

9. Marked our 3rd year and 5th monthsary. (We haven't celebrated yet because of our my busy sked.)


I have just gotten back from our CMMA victory celebration at Music 21, my eyes were already drooping and I could feel the head ache coming.

I haven't slept and I have worked like a slave since Monday. (Yes, the trade-off of a five-digit salary.)

Everything has been happening in a flurry, I feel like a month has already passed.

I feel like I'm missing out on something.


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