Can hardly wait

I've always loved Christmas songs and twinkling lights.

Though the past days have been stressful, knowing that Christmas is just a few weeks away makes me feel a bit more cheerful.

Christmas is a holiday our job recognizes. This is the time of year when I can stay home for weeks and spend time with my family. December also marks our 3-years-and-6th-monthsary and kernan's 25th birthday so there are a lot of reasons to celebrate.

Not long after, it would be New Year and then my birthday and then our fourth anniversary in June.... I'm getting ahead of myself.

Time flies swiftly, good thing I can still catch up.

Can't wait til Christmas.

Kernan is arriving from Subic in a few hours. Yay!!!

He's been away since Friday and I miss him terribly. It doesn't help that people at the gym keep asking me why we haven't been together lately, it just makes me miss him more.

He was supposed to arrive this morning but heavy rains spoiled their shoot yesterday so they had to extend.

My loneliest moment is always the day before his arrival so I sent him this MMS.

Malungkot ako kasi miss na miss na kita.

Ngingiti lang ako kung uuwi ka na. Uwi ka na agad bukas ha. I love you.

Cheesy, cheesy me.

Can't wait til he comes home.


My old elementary classmate and friend Mai is having her wedding in December.


I'm amazed how she and her hubby to be were able to carry out all their wedding preps without a hitch at such a manageable cost. They even made their own invites. And she's just around my age. (Congrats, Mai!)

When I was younger, I would always dream about how I would get married when I was 24 or 25. I wanted to wear a flowing pink wedding dress, with my hair in gorgeous curls studded with pink pearls as I walked floated in the Church's aisle. I would live in a nice bungalow house with a lawn, garden and pool. My hubby and me will have have three kids, two boys and one girl in the middle.

I would play that scene over in my mind, I couldn't wait for the day when I'll finally grow up to fulfill my dream.

My 24th year is just three months away but I'll still be counting years before I fulfill that dream.

I feel happy for those who have reached that stage when they are ready to make that commitment. Sometimes I have "wedding lust" too.

But I just realized, I'm not yet at that point in my life. I have other dreams I want to fulfill, a career I want to pursue, missions for my family that I want to accomplish. I feel that only then can I commit my life to my hubby and future family.

Then again, I'm just 23 and I might change my mind tomorrow.

The important thing is, the wait is over.

I've found the man with whom I'll spend the rest of my life.

We belong together!


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