Breathing space

Every now and then, I get to stop and breathe amid all this craziness.

Sometimes it only takes one day off to keep me sane for the rest of the week. I just wish I had more.

But instead of mulling over that I'd rather think of the things I should thank for TODAY:

1. The luxury of sleeping until past 11 am.
2. Having a nice home-cooked brunch. (Thanks Mama!)
3. Two hours spent boxing at the gym.
4. Finishing my editing for RX.
5. Scoring a great discount for my glutathione capsules (Thanks Carlo!) and for a pink bag on sale at 50% off from SO FAB!
6. Having a nice chat with A and a sumptous dinner at World Chicken.
7. Getting a relaxing foot spa from the salon.
8. Being able to go home.
9. Finally, and most importantly, hearing my Kernie's sweet "I love you" before I sleep. (i miss you Mahal!)

Life is sweet.


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