I now have a total of three scrapes on my right hand.

I have one nasty deep scrape on my forefinger knuckle, one on my middle knuckle and one on my pinky finger. My hand is starting to look battered and it hurts really bad. My trainor says I'm punching too hard, so maybe I just have to ease up a little bit.

But I'm not stopping now. Never.

Not when I've becoming more fired up about the my training. Over the weekend, I've watched two boxing movies: Million Dollar Baby and Cinderella Man.

Apart from the fact that both movies featured real great acting, it was cool to watch how real boxers train. In the movie, Hilary Swank's character was just learning how to box and I guess I was able to pick up a few pointers here and there. Plus, the sight of her ripping bod just made me want to get more serious with my training. Those abs are to die for.

Of course, towards the end of the movie, everything just went downright heartbreaking. I wanted to box the "Blue Bear" dead. (That's me getting over emotional.)

As for Cinderella Man, it wasn't really something I planned to watch. Nestie just told me it was a great movie and I ought to watch it. I guess the boxing element just made it a little bit more interesting to me.

I got so engaged, I found myself practicing my punches while Jim Braddock pummeled his opponent.

But it was how he fought the hardships of life that touched me the most.

At some point, I cried.

I felt uplifted.

I was inspired.

But one thing for sure, I love boxing as a workout, but I'll never engage in it for sport. Being knocked out and getting beaten up over and over is not my idea of fun. Not to mention having your face broken in all places possible. Let's just leave that to the pros.

As for me, I'm visualizing that by next summer, I'll be walking down the shores of Boracay wearing nothing.....but a two piece number.

Bareworthy bod.



I saw these gloves at the Fairtex website and I'm wishing Santa would give me one for Christmas.

Aren't they lovely?


Got this from Kis' blog. Cute quiz.

How You Are In Love

You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.

You give and take equally in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You're secretly hoping your partner will change for you.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

So true.

Well maybe, except for the "changing for me" part. I used to want other people to change for me. But as I got older, I've accepted that I should not change people but help people bring out the best in them.

If the change is for the better, why not? But if it's just those little quirks that make that person who he is, then why change? I think there's a big difference between improving oneself and transforming into a person someone else wants you to be.

And when you're in love, acceptance just comes naturally.

Otherwise, I guess you're just infatuated.


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