Three things you don't know about me

I got tagged by Summer.

So here goes...

1. I need to take a bath for at least 30 minutes, I feel "sticky" if I don't. I used to spend a whole hour for my bath, but when I needed to trade in a few minutes in the bathroom for more minutes on my bed, I trimmed it down to half.
It's a habit I got since I was little. We were taught to always scrub ourselves clean so we would always smell fresh. I guess I just took the word scrub too seriously. And then of course, when I got older, it was for purposes of vanity. Now what the hell do I do to consume a whole hour? Aside from the usual shampoo and conditioner, I scrub my face, scrub my body first with a face towel, next with an olive scrub, then with a bath gel and a loofah. Each takes around 15 minutes. Do the math.

2. I joined my first real beauty pageant when I was 12. My trainers thought I was tall enough to pass for an 18-year old and that I had a good chance to win. My parents were against it at first, but gave in to my pleadings later on. I mean, being a beauty queen was every little girls dream and I wanted to have a real crown. So for the first time in my life, I was able to wear a real gown and 4-inch heels, sashay down the catwalk, smile and wave. After I dazzled the judges with my brilliant "adult" answer, I beat almost all the older girls and I was crowned first runner up.

3. I can't sleep without a blanket that covers me from feet to neck. I got this habit when I was around 8 years old. A classmate told me stories of monsters and supernatural beings, I got so scared I couldn't sleep until I saw daylight. Until I thought of a solution: I used a blanket to cover myself from head to foot. I imagined it was some kind of force field where nothing and no one could enter. I felt braver after that. "Fighting the night monsters" pervaded my thoughts until I grew old enough to lose sleep thinking about my puppy loves and crushes. That's when I lowered the blanket down to my neck so I could breathe better. Now I still sleep with a blanket plus a nice tight hug from my life-size Kernie "bear."

4. After all these years, I'm still crazy about -- Oops. The tag said only three, so I guess I'll just keep this one a secret.


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