Second day

There was no trace of muscle pain as I woke up this morning, so I was able to show up for my second boxing session at the gym.

Kuya Andy, my new trainer, had to teach me all the moves again to refresh my memory. Actually I still remembered most of the moves, I just couldn't master the boxing position just yet. But I'm getting there. Besides, this is just my second day.

This time, I had six rounds and I think I could have lasted for four more. I guess I'm getting the hang of it.

The jumping rope is still a major challenge. I never thought jumping up and down could be so tiring. I still can't complete a whole round without gasping for breath.

But what I really like about my new routine were the fab abs exercises Kuya Andy threw in. I was able to do all eight sets. My abs hurt after that but it was all worth it. I'm keeping an image of J Lo's abs in my mind just to keep me going.

The weird thing about all this is that, it seems I've lost my appetite. Actually, I had nothing but a cup of taho before I went to the gym, so I should be famished right after. But I didn't feel hungry at all.

It must be psychological. After all the sweat and muscle pain I had to endure, it seemed stupid to binge on a humongous meal right after. My two days worth of hard work will be wasted.

I wanted to swear off rice, but I thought that would be too drastic. So I ate a "healthy" serving of rice and Kernan's chicken gisantes for brunch. I've only eaten a chicken sandwich since.

Despite my irregular eating habits, I think I'm progressing slowly but steadily. I just hope my irregular working schedule will allow me to keep this up as well.

Sometimes work can get so hectic, it's so tempting to sleep rather than to sweat it out at the gym.

But I love what I'm feeling now and I am mustering all my willpower to keep going.

Plus, I've placed an order for pink boxing gloves. Now how's that for a motivation.

Can't wait for my next session.


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