In a nutshell

Sometimes, I find it hard to remember what has transpired for the past week. My days overlap with one another so I tend to lose track of time.

Thank God for photographs that make me remember.

My pet Simba

This is Simba and me at Ocean Adventure in Subic.

Isn't he adorable? Simba has got to be the smartest and friendliest sea lion I've ever met. (I've met about four.) Never mind that he smells fishy all the time, he can do a mean trick that can make you laugh to pieces.

I just look a bit distant in this picture because the trainor said that sea lions have sharp teeth and they do bite. Scary but cute

I thought it would be nice to have a sea lion for a pet, but I know I'll get into trouble with the Wildlife people for that. Not to mention how high maintenance these animals large pens, lifetime supply of fresh fish, a deep pool, trainors...

I'll just get a nemo.

Kapuso ako!

Last weekend was spent under the scorching heat of the Davao sun at the SM City field.

We spent the whole day acting as bouncers for Love, Christian, BJ and Bea. The lines for autographs and photographs was never ending! Good thing the fans were polite and well disciplined.

Go Dabawenyos!

This is Bea, Christian and me before the closing number.

Surprisingly even though we stayed mostly under the tent, I still ended up with a sunburn. Must be the wind.

This is me trying to keep cool under the sweltering heat.

But no matter how tired we were, a hearty meal at Colasa's was enough to get us up and running again for the rest of the day. Man, their chicken barbecues are to die for, I actually had two servings of chicken and 3 big cups of rice. Yummmm!!!

We just slept late on Sunday morning and went to the famous chain of stores at Aldevinco's before leaving for Manila.

At the airport, I lugged 2 kilos of sweet lanzones and suha plus the pink malong and skirt I bought at Aldevinco's. I still can't believe the fruits just cost me 140 pesos. As Love would say, Davao is where you can practice the fruit diet without going broke.

After a long wait at the airport, slight turbulence, and 2 hours, it was home sweet home.

No matter where I go, I will always go back to my little piece of heaven.


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